Podcast #25: News of the World

Kitty and Panache take on the big stories of the year, including the confessionals of Lance Armstrong, Michael Rasmussen and Ryder Hesjedal, the Katusha WorldTour licence debacle, Peter Sagan’s need for manners, Oleg Tinkov’s cash splash, Alonso’s broken dreams, GreenWedges and Kuku Penthouses!

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Links & notes

Lance Armstrong and Oprah: the interview transcript

“In all seven of your Tour de France victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope?” “Yes.”

Maja Leye’s reaction to being pinched by Peter Sagan

“Leye admitted that she fleetingly considered slapping the Cannondale rider, but believes that had she reacted, the situation would have gone from bad to worse.”

The GreenWEDGE

“When I arrived at the finish line I saw that it was a bit low, but they [the officials] said, ‘avance, avance!‘”

Tinkov’s millions

“Tinkov’s Twitter account is so outrageous that many thought it was a fake, but it appears to be authentic. The account has more than 135,000 followers, and Tinkov, if it is indeed him, tweets away with glee in both English and Cyrillic.”

Assos KuKu Penthouse and the world’s most expensive bibs

“Assos also claims to have four pending patents for the S7 line, including the ‘KuKu Penthouse’, a soft pouch for the male genitals on the front of the short that is inserted into a cutout in the chamois.”

Alonso and the Carrots

” ‘We’ve tried it until the end but it’s just been impossible to have a cycling team in 2014,’ he said. ‘My passion for the sport remains intact so this is only the beginning of the future. We are going to work on building, if needs be from scratch, a team we can be proud of.’ ”

Rasmussen spills the beans

“Having joined Garmin, a team built on a strong anti-doping stance, Hesjedal is confident his sport is on the right path. ‘I have seen the best and the worst of the sport and I believe that it is now in the best place it’s ever been,’ he said.”

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