The Musette: Chocolate chip oaty biscuits

My Thursday evening English class have long served as my official guinea pigs. Now I agree that a bunch of teenage cyclists probably aren’t the most discerning of taste-testers. But mine are reasonably forthright and, while capable of inhaling their own bodyweights in baked goods, if they don’t like something, I’m left with more than just crumbs. Unsurprisingly, anything with chocolate in it scores highly and they simply love home-made biscuits and cookies. Continue reading

VeloVoices Awards 2013: Sartorial Elegance Award

Now is your chance to make your voice heard in our second annual VeloVoices Awards. We’re asking you to select your personal favourites of 2013 across a variety of serious and not-so-serious categories. We’ll publish the final results in the run-up to Christmas.

On Tuesday we ran our poll for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Today it’s the turn of our nominations for the Sartorial Elegance Award, which includes everything from racing kits to facial hair and was won last year by Thomas Voeckler. Continue reading

AntBanter! Barnets and beards

Is it really nearly the end of Movember? It certainly is and when it comes to follicular artistry, pro cyclists are all over it like crumbs on a goatee. So it’s only fitting that as we take a fond and lighthearted look back over the 2013 cycling season, Sheree and I linger a moment on a definite emerging trend that we’d like to call ‘Barnets and beards’. Continue reading