Tweets: #IRodeThat, #IDrankThat, #IDidThat

The season is coming to an end and pickings are slim at the moment – but we have the boys in China, That Boy Phinney in London (and being youthful), Jens in a crown. And what are they all saying? #IDidThat! Well, actually, they’re not saying that at all. There’s only one guy who is …

Lonesome Dove

At the time of writing, Chris Horner does not have a contract for next year and it doesn’t actually sound like there’s one on the horizon. Last week it seems he got a bit fed up and had himself a bit of Twitter therapy – in kind of a ‘the call is coming from inside the house’ kind of way. That said, for every one negative response to his tweets, there were two positive ones. I’m just going to let this all speak for itself. First, Horner himself …

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And now the string of reactions. There were quite a few people asking if he was drunk – plausible! Asking if he was retiring – begging him not to. Asking if he was writing a book (there can only be one title, seriously). Asking if he was the redacted rider in the USADA report (and related questions) … just for the record, all of these comments seem to have been ignored.

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China in your hands

Adam Hansen rode (and finished) all three grand tours this year – again! [That’s seven in a row, dating back to the 2011 Vuelta – Ed.] And he’s topping off the season with the Tour of Beijing. Somehow he’s been able to tweet from China. Actually a lot of the guys seem to be having a good time in this race!

Picture 10 Picture 7 Picture 8

Whether Dan Martin likes it or not, pandas will be following him around for the rest of his career. So he got into the spirit and *became* a panda whilst in China.

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Leave it to Marco Pinotti to bring us all down to Earth. A smoggy Earth …

Picture 2


If it’s not making plans to bewig Italian dogs during the Giro or swapping emoji messages with Luca Paolini, @SSpiaggia is talkin’ taches.

Picture 12Is it just me or does this guy look like Oates from Hall & Oates? Just me? Really? What about Oates brother, Alex? Still no? Really?

Picture 13 Picture 11London Nightlife!

That Boy Phinney and the delicious Manuel Quinziato were in London last week (and I missed them! I MISSED THEM!!!!!!) They got drunk.

Picture 17 Picture 16

This is the mighty Jens in a little rhinestone crown – no, he’s not drunk. He’s just amusing his little daughter Helen.

Picture 6


Tinkov has tinked-off to Cannondale, we’re back with just Saxo Bank and you know what that means! The Saxo Crotch Eagle!

Picture 14 Picture 15The KuKu Eaglehouse – Assos, when you use that in your next collection, give the credit (and a portion of the profits) to Ian Griffiths. He thought of it.

The Last Word


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