Tweets: Sky’s fall, Fabs’ peek-a-boo, Purito’s tears

Well, that was some World Championships, wasn’t it?! And it wasn’t just played out on the road, but on Twitter as well. We have Cancellara‘s saucy bibs, weather pictures that would make a BBC meteorologist drool, and one hell of a Skyfall – but first, let us take a moment to say congrats to perhaps the greatest living cyclist.

Vos the Boss

Marianne Vos successfully defending her title as World Champion in Saturday’s road race. This woman wins title after title – road, cross, track. I suspect that woman could handle anything on two wheels.

Vox fox 4

One Dutch fan celebrated the win in the only way he felt appropriate. Nothing better than a fox in a scarf, I say. Except if the fox had a little tweed jacket on.

Vos fox Vos fox 2 Vos fox 3


It was the men’s TT on Wednesday and this was one of the most anticipated races of the year. It was between these guys – oh, except I’m not sure who Tony Margin is. [He’s usually on the periphery of the medals, ho ho (I’ll get my coat) – Ed.]

WTT bad nickname

I’m not even going to attempt to be even-handed with this. We know what happened – Panzerwagen put the sword to Wiggo and Spartacus. However, in a brazen display of my power over this column and all the content within it, I will now set out a series of tweets praising My Beloved.

WTT Cancellara TTSpeaking of brazen – yes, you could see Fabs’ bum in those shorts. I have never been so happy watching TV in my life.

WTT brazen arse

WTT Brazen arse 2 WTT Brazen arse 3 WTT seethrough

Yes, the Sacred Haunches™ were nearly unsheathed, right there on a TT bike. Mercy!

*Short interval as I splash water on my face and gather my wits*

Okay, let’s talk about Tony Martin and Bradley Wiggins. Well, Wiggins was certainly talking about Tony before the race. Brad, I don’t think he was worried …

WTT Wiggo Martin raceAnd Tony did, in fact, concentrate on his own race – he concentrated so hard, he put nearly a minute into both Wiggins and Fabs. Les Vaches Du Tour, on the other hand, was concentrating on a possible bike throw – you know those pesky Pinarellos!

WTT WigoutWTT cycling expert

Okay, okay, here’s one for the Wiggins fans out there (are there any left after Sunday? – oh we’ll get to that). You too can buy Bradley Wiggins Opus!

WTT OpusHow much is it, Kitty!? I hear you cry. Well, the 101 Classic Edition is a mere £199 (it does come in a fetching yellow clamshell box!) If you fancy The Limited Edition, signed by the Sir himself, that’s £599 (but still with the yellow clamshell box!) You want the good stuff? Then that is the 101 Yellow Jersey Edition. Signed, it also has a piece of a yellow jersey (in the yellow clamshell box). That’ll set you back £1,199.

WTT Opus 2 WTT Opus 3

Skyfall is where we start

Okay, I know it’s not Team Sky but it is, really, isn’t it? Anyway, as you all know if you haven’t been living in a cave these days, not one Team GB rider finished the men’s road race yesterday. Was it a storm in a teacup – or just one big shitstorm?

Team GB argument 5 Team GB argument 6

Team GB argument 2 Team GB argument 7 Team GB argument 8 Team GB argument 10 Team GB argument 11 Team GB argument 12

(In case you don’t know Rule 5 – “Man the fuck up” is that particular tenet.)

Team GB argument 13 Team GB argument 14 Team GB argument 15 Team GB argument 17

There were, however, a few people who defended Team GB. (Here is the link to the Cycling Weekly article.)

Team GB Argument 18

And here are William Fotheringham’s thoughts on the matter.

WRR Fotheringham

Team GB argument 19

It’s rainin’, men!

So exactly how bad were the conditions on Sunday? Well, have a look for yourself.

WRR pic rain

WRR Bernie WRR weather cipollini WRR weather

WRR picsWRR pics 2The link to Wei Yuet’s flickr album is here. And it’s brilliant.

WRR rain 1 WRR rain 2 WRR rain film

WRR hardest

WRR Uran crash WRR Uran kit

In the pink

It might have been dark and cold, but with the world champ riding for Lampre next year, he’ll be bright and warm in the new rainbow jersey. Here are some artists’ impressions.

WRR pink jersey 1 WRR pink jersey 2 WRR pink jersey 3

Even That Boy Phinney is hoping the jersey stays white and rainbow.

WRR pink jersey 5Taylor wasn’t the only one who felt for Vincenzo Nibali, who once again rode with all heart on Sunday.

WRR Nibali 1

From raindrops to teardrops

Was there anyone who didn’t feel for Purito on Sunday when he was on the podium and let the tears flow? Not taking away from the new world champion, Rui Costa – but surely the photographs of Rodriguez in despair on the podium are the ones that will be remembered from this year’s race.

WRR Purito sad 1 WRR Purito sad 2 WRR Purito sad 3 WRR Purito sad 5

Poor guy just looks shellshocked in this picture.

WRR Purito press conf

The last word

I can’t think of anything more appropriate.

Last word tears

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