Vuelta tweets: TT slapdown, French frankness, and goggled again

With the GC staying static(ish), it was the dramas behind them that were the stories of the week. From Switzerland versus Germany to a Dutchman afroth, an Argonaut with a way with words to Ryder‘s fashion statement that just keeps shouting at us. So let’s get out of the neutralised zone and start this column! Continue reading

Podcast #20: Vuelta week 2 – Three kids, a zombie and the Sacred Haunches

No George Clooney or Kate Upton this week – sorry about that – but we do recap the Vuelta’s middle week and discuss its stage winners: three young guns, an ageing zombie and the object of Kitty’s affections – and holder of an active restraining order against her – the Sacred Haunches™ himself, Fabian Cancellara.

Listen here:

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