Vuelta tweets: The glamorous life, Horner Corner and naked on the Shack bus

It was quite a week in Spain – we had some terrific and surprising stages, we had a Formula 1 driver who picked up the Carrots when they were down, we had the oldest man in the peloton pick up a couple of stage wins and the red jersey and we had some very odd commentary. And it’s all captured in this week’s Tweets of the Week. Continue reading

Podcast #19: Vuelta week 1 – Little Chris Horner sat in a corner

Kathi and Chris are rejoined by Tim, who sat out the Vuelta preview while he turned up in Tuscany a month early for the World Championships. (It’s okay, he did complete his whereabouts form.)

The gang discuss George Clooney, Kim Kardashian and some Spanish bloke who drives F1 cars. Oh, and the Vuelta. That.

Listen here:

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