Rider updates: Alberto Contador, Alejandro Valverde and Samuel Sanchez

Two Grand Tours down with just one to go, so how have my boys been faring?  Samuel Sanchez took part in the Giro and will be leading his team in the Vuelta later this month. While both Alberto Contador and Alejandro Valverde participated in the 100th Tour de France, the former won’t be taking part in the Vuelta but the latter will. Let’s have a look at how they’ve performed since early April. Continue reading

Talking Tactics: The road to the rainbow passes through Spain

Other than scratching my head about the Tour of Poland starting in Italy and puzzling over the complexities of its attractivity classification – answers on a postcard, please – there wasn’t a huge amount that caught my eye tactically from last week’s racing. So instead this week, before we start to focus on the Vuelta a Espana, I’m going to talk about how the year’s final grand tour correlates with the outcome of the World Championships road race. The road to the rainbow jersey may end at the finish line in Florence, but it most definitely passes through Spain en route.

Confused? Then read on.

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