Tweets: A Phinney roar, a shiny new race and a place called Veloshire

Another week, another set of races. This week, we have the Twitter reactions to the Tour de Pologne and RideLondon, Panache envisions a new society, plus we have Jens at the airport, Cav on TT strategy, That Boy Phinney on a deep U and much, much more. Let’s start with a *very* exciting Tour de Pologne.

Taylor and Thor tear up the tarmac

After a disappointing Tour de France, BMC fielded a strong team for the Tour de Pologne, including Thor Hushovd, Taylor Phinney and the lovely Marco Pinotti. And my, didn’t they do well? There was a real sense of team with these guys – and Thor stormed his way to two stage victories.

TdP Taylor Thor lead out

TdP Taylor positive teamTdP Thor's win first since 2011TdP BMC team

In between Thor’s two wins, That Boy Phinney gave us all a real thrill! He won by a whisper but the tweeties certainly weren’t quiet about their enthusiasm. And neither was Taylor!

TdP Taylor from above TdP Taylor himself win TdP Taylor in frontTdP Taylor win 1 TdP Taylor win2TdP Taylor Davis

TdP Marco JFK

Then there was the last day’s TT. BMC were hoping for a good result (and in the end, third and fourth was nothing to sneeze at, considering the guys in first and second). Is it just me or does it look like Taylor Phinney has an eye mask on, a la Robin out of Batman and Robin? Just me? Really?

TdP Marco Taylor warm upBut it was the two titans of time trial – Bradley Wiggins and The Sacred Haunches™ himself, Fabian Cancellara – who were the focus of the day.

TdP biggest cheer for FabsWiggo ruled the stage, winning by nearly a minute over Fabs. Spartacus takes an opportunity to check for an engine in the winning bike.

TdP Fabs looking at Wiggo's bikeSeems that Wiggo needs to get more practice on how to open a bottle of champagne on the podium. Dear me, that’s an unfortunate pose. Fabs looks on, aghast at the length of Wiggo’s socks.

TdP Wiggo long socks

But who was missing? The third man on the podium? That would be Mr Phinney who didn’t think he was going to get on the podium so was back at his hotel by the time Wiggo started his unseemly wrestling with the champagne bottle.

TdP BMC 3 winsTdP Taylor missed podium

One of the great things about these races is there’s always some ritual or mascot or … headgear that is just crazier than a crazy thing from Crazy Town. And the Tour de Pologne did not disappoint. (Seriously, I would have paid big money – BIG money – to see Wiggins in one of those bucket hats.)

TdP hat! TdP hats 2TdP cow mascot

London loves me, it loves me not

Ah, London is such a paradoxical city. On any normal day, there are (a small minority of) drivers who are hell-bent on knocking cyclists off their bikes (and in some cases then tweet about it). But this weekend, much of the city was closed to traffic so tens of thousands of people could ride their bicycles unmolested, including a strong field of pros in the first RideLondon-Surrey Classic. It was deemed a great success.

RideLondon bikeWheel RideLondon FDJ shoot RideLondon Sagan1 Of course, the race was not without its controversy. Well, a Twitter controversy. Matt Barbet, if you didn’t know, is a little-known journalist for ITV who knows little about professional cycling. The French heard his remark and responded accordingly. (Crazy, isn’t it, that people who should know better think that professional cycling only started last year …)

RideLondon French1 RideLondon French2

RideLondon HollandThat said, I thought this tweet was the perfect way of commemorating the day. Looking forward to next year’s race already.

RideLondon random rider chat

Veloshire! I know it gives a person pause …

‘The rain may never fall till after sundown. By eight, the morning fog must disappear. In short, there’s simply not a more congenial spot for happily-ever-aftering than here in Veloshire.’ (For isn’t a place like Veloshire a cyclist’s equivalent to Camelot?)

Veloshire 1 Veloshire 2 Veloshire 3 Veloshire 4 Veloshire 5 Veloshire 6 Veloshire 7 Veloshire 8 Veloshire 9 Veloshire 10 Veloshire 11 Veloshire 12 Veloshire 13 Veloshire 14What is your idea of Veloshire? Let us know! We’re ready to build a community!

The Gruppetto

#ArgoCrush! I love this photograph of Tom Veelers. Love. It.

G Argonaut Veelers pic

Do you think they’re celebrating the fact that they won’t have to read vitriolic tweets from a crazy billionaire anymore?

G Bennati and contador

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! G Cadel and son and ice cream

Over in Denmark, Cav did rather well in the individual time trial. He imparts his wisdom. G Cav TT fast

Let this be a lesson to you all – there is no hiding on Strava. G Ciolek following on Strava

The funniest thing this week I’ve read about the Carrots. (BTW, have you joined Sheree’s #SaveOurCarrots campaign yet? You may have seen the posters on the Veloshire Town Hall notice board.)

G Euskatel Elton John

Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!

G Jens airport 1 G Jens airport 2 G Jens airport 3 G Jens airport 4

So Mark Renshaw has signed with OPQS to get back on the Cav sprint train next year. Will it be like getting together with an old boyfriend – okay but you’ve both moved on too much to make it gel again? Or will it be business as usual, picking up where they left off? G Renshaw

And a little sartorial clarification from That Boy Phinney (he breaks away, he wins stages, he wears a deep U).

G Taylor deep UBut enough of these shenanigans for another week.

The last word

Last Word shakespeare

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