Friday Feature: Images of the Tour de France

There were so many pictures taken throughout the entire Tour de France, I decided to pick out some of my favourites, just as I did after this year’s Giro. This is in no way comprehensive and I don’t think there’s a single podium picture in here, because I wanted to show the pictures that were behind the scenes, of riders caught off guard or just a good crop. Hope you enjoy them! (All photographs ©ASO.)

The quirky and the crazy

TdF pengiun ASO

The penguin awaits

TdF bull bistro ASO

Feeling bullish

TdF fans 3 ASO

Dutch royalty

TdF fans 4 ASO

These boys look like a whole heap of trouble!

TdF fans 6 ASO

Words fail me

TdF fans 7 ASO

And they still fail me

TDF fans 9 ASO

Just horsin’ around on the mountain!

TdF Fans 11 ASO

As Van Halen would say – you might as well jump

The joy and the suffering

TdF Bakelants yellow ASO

Jan Bakelants and the pure joy of the maillot jaune

TdF Cav shouting ASO

Mark Cavendish and the sheer frustration of your team car not seeing you need a new bike

TdF Chavanel smiling interview ASO

Sylvain Chavanel and the joy (?) of the press scrum

TdF Jens combative ASO

Jens Voigt and the award he was born to win : combativity

TdF huge ASO

It doesn’t matter what teams you’re on, you can still be happy for your friend

ASO Ventoux Sojasun ASO

Julien Simon and the sufferfest that is Ventoux

TdF Ag2R St20 ASO

Christophe Riblon just missing the dark clouds of the Alpe

TdF Froome hug ASO

Richie Porte and Chris Froome and the joy of being teammates

TdF OPQS group hug ASO

Matteo Trentin gets some Pharmer love

Sagan final wheelie ASO

Peter Sagan and the exuberance of youth

Signing and solitude

TdF Kittel in yellow ASO

Marcel Kittel whistling a victory tune

TdF Cav autographs ASO

Mark Cavendish making a fan’s day

TdF Rolland ASO

Pierre Rolland hopefully signing a vow never to wear pox shorts again

TdF Jens at dusk ASO

A moment of reflection at the very end for Jens

TdF Europcar tache ASO

Jerome Cousin and his impressive tache

TdF Fans 2 ASO

When you’re a cross between Superman and a chicken, you’ll find yourself alone a lot

TdF Bernard Hinault ASO

The ever watchful Bernard Hinault

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