Tour Tweets: The Alpe, the Arc and the Argonauts

The 100th edition of the Tour de France ended on Sunday so this is our last Tour Tweets of the year. It’s a mixed bag – we have Alpe d’Huez, the Arc de Triomphe, the aftermath of the race, along with the Ryder-Rolland Romance, ArgoCrush and a large gruppetto. First, off to the Alpe …

Double d’Huez day

The maillot jaune might not have shown any nerves at the start of the stage, but the sprinters certainly did.

Alpe newspaper


The descent that everyone was talking about, which actually had no real impact on the race. Alpe bottle switchpack Alpe Contador

I suspect some riders had more fun than others on this stage.

Alpe Degenkolb Alpe dutch corner 1 Alpe Hansen

Yes. That’s Panache. Let’s not discuss it.

Picture 1

Then of course there was the small issue of the illegal feed just before the summit finish.

Alpe illegal feed

But Christophe Riblon won the stage and it was a wonderful ride and a well-deserved victory.

Alpe Riblon love

While John Degenkolb and Adam Hansen were quaffing beer on the Alpe, some of the other riders were not having such a good time – including quite a few of them who had to almost punch their way through riders – and a couple of sprinters whose names might be familiar to a few of you!

Alpe Riblon punch St19 Alpe Kittel

An Alpine romance

Friday’s stage had a drama all its own when it was begoggled Ryder Hesjedal and pox-wearing Pierre Rolland out together, ahead of the pack, working together and inspiring one of the best tweet strings all Tour.

We pick up the story when Ryder let Rolland take the KoM points and Rolland reaches over to shake hands and gets a handful of Canadian haunch by accident.

Ryder romance 15 Ryder romance 13 Ryder romance 12 Ryder romance 11 Ryder romance 10 Ryder romance 9Ryder romance 8 Ryder romance 7 Ryder romance 6 Ryder romance 3 Ryder romanc 2 Ryder romance

The greatest bike in the world

Sometimes the best action isn’t on the road.

polka dot zip 1 polka dot z^p 5 polka dot zip polka dot zip 3 polka dot zip 5 polka dot zip 6

On to the Arc

The final stage was a first in many ways, the first time racing around the Arc, the first time they held it at night, the first time Marcel Kittel won the sprint … here are just a few images from the day.

Looks like someone is going to get the Kittel Cut™!

Arc 6 Koen on the bus

OPQS wheel list. I have no idea what any of this means but it looked interesting.

Arc OPQS wheels

David Millar and his ten nasal strips went on the attack.

Arc 1 Millar

Yes, he has Ryder goggles on. Let’s not discuss it. At least he doesn’t have on those speedos from the Alpe! (He also has the Kittel Cut™ – I totally approve of that!)

Arc 4 RSLT car Panache

The winner on the Champs – hey, that isn’t Mark Cavendish! NOOOOO, it’s Argonaut Extraordinaire Marcel Kittel!

Arc 5 Kittel triumph pic Arc Kittel eyebrow Arc 3 Kittel thanks Arc 2 OPQS bus

The Colombian corner was definitely the liveliest on the Champs!

Arc Colombian corner

The Aftermath

Aftermath Aftermath 2 Aftermath 3 AFtermath 4 Aftermath TSLT 2Aftermatch RSLT

Froome podium


Koen de Kort promised Marcel that if he won three sprint stages in this year’s Tour, he would get the Kittel Cut™!

Koen cut 1 G Koen cut 2 Koen cut 2 Koen cut 4I just like the way he’s smiling ….

G Naked kittel

The gruppetto

Another look-a-like – we’ve had Kittel and Vanilla Ice and The Iceman, Impey and Robbie from EastEnders – now Chris Froome and, um, a puppet. [That’ll be Joe 90 – Ed.]

G Froome thunderird

Boy, Andre looks absolutely thrilled, doesn’t he?

G Greipel birthday

A few Quintana queries.

G Quintana oldest jersey Quintana 65 years old Quintana in weight 1 Quintana in weight 2

Jack Bauer of Garmin had a terrible crash into some barbed wire (with his face!) – luckily, it looked worse than it was and he’ll be fine.

G Jack Bauer 24

Jens certainly has a way with words. Words that usually end up on a teeshirt at some point.

G Jens teeshirt

And this is how your hands and forearms look when you’ve been riding all day every day for most of July. Totally vascular!

G jens vascular

How did they get Sean Kelly in that hat? The man has no expression on his face!

G Kelly in checked hat

Breaks make such strange bedfellows.

G Kloden:Hansen

Let this be a lesson to you all. G lips tattoo

Peter Sagan doesn’t miss a chance to be entertaining.

G Sagan green afro

The Ryder Goggles debate continues.

G ryder goggles 2 G Ryder goggles

This is a great image from this year’s Tour.

TT sportsmanship

And the last word

Last word shadow

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