Happy birthday to That Boy Phinney!

He adds a bit of razzmatazz, a bit of sparkle and shimmer to the peloton. Who? Why That Boy Phinney, of course! Here are just a few of the reasons why we love him so much!

This video is only for the music to play in the background as you scroll through the pictures!

Hair, haunches, good days, bad days …

It’s all in the tweets, my friends, all in the tweets.

G Haunches 3 phinney

Phinney photoshoot Phinney McQuaid hug 1

Bus Phinney Fabs Olympic phinney Phinney wallpaper Phinney thumbs upPhinney pink 4Phinney peloton cover pic Phinney & Blythe helishot Phinney life size Phinney BMC team photoPhinney Beiber yet? Taylor Phinney Bieber Taylor Phinney Mr PorterPhinney wham!Taylor Giro hair Taylor pizza Taylor jokerTaylor hair dayHappy birthday, Taylor! We love you!

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