When Tommy met Sheree

Last year I was fortunate to spend the last few days of the Tour in the company of Eurosport. After the penultimate stage, an  individual time trial, Thomas Voeckler was a guest on Les Rois de la Pédale, (Kings of the Pedal) a 100% bike-related chat show launched last year and broadcast after the stages of major races, such as the Tour de France.

Voeckler appeared on the show in Chartres. As he entered the Eurosport technical area, he spotted my pain d’épice (mixed spice cake) and was invited to help himself. He firstly took a small slice but then picked up the remaining large uncut piece, almost the same size as himself, which he happily munched on as he was being interviewed by various television channels, not just Eurosport.

I’m thinking of having labels made for my cakes featuring his endorsement. I’ll also be making him one for this year’s Tour to thank him for the autographed shirt that he has donated for our competition.

Never mind the interview, where's that cake? (Image: Petra Harangi)

Never mind the interview, where’s that cake? (Image: Petra Harangi)

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