Tweets: Wiggo as Dr Who, Lance & Daft Phinney

There were really only two subjects swimming through the Twitterstream last week and those were Bradley Wiggins deciding not to ride the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong‘s charm offensive. Let’s start with Brad …

The Sky is Falling

When Wiggo abandoned the Giro, there was speculation as to whether he should have just manned up and carried on – or if, in fact, he was sick at all. The minute it became clear that Wiggo wasn’t going to do the double, as he had predicted before the Giro start, there was even *more* speculation as to whether he was going to go away, train himself back into form and force the issue over team leadership for the TdF. Almost immediately, both Sky Grand Poobah Dave Brailsford and Wiggins’ ‘father figure’ Shane Sutton said that, if Wiggo went to the TdF, he had to ride in support of SkyCap Froome. Not long afterwards, it was announced that Wiggo wasn’t going to have enough time to train properly to ride the TdF due to a knee injury. This set just about everyone off …

Wiggins Knight says Knee

What was his future – at Sky, at the Grand Tours, in cycling in general?

Wiggins drama headlinesWiggins Prudhomme

Wiggins Froom 1 Wiggins Froome 2

Of course, the yin of Wiggins has been counterbalanced over the last year with the yang of Froome. Wiggins too big for abilityWiggins Froome trending

Wiggins ruthlessWiggins embarrassmentWiggins convenient

Wiggins Froom 3

Wiggins Froome Uncle D

Wiggo is one of those contentious figures in cycling and the responses from the Twitterati were split down the middle – some were gutted, some were not.

Wiggins absenceWiggins defence Wiggins sulky

Wiggins mechanic firing

Wiggins fly on the wallWiggins complain lack Wiggins SticksWiggins TdF smug crap Wiggins audience numbers

Wiggins Union Jacks

But what will he do with himself? We reveal his summer plans here …

Wiggins Dr Who 1Reach out and touch somebody’s hand …

Lance Armstrong has been unblocking some of his fiercest critics (egad!) and even (shock) engaging with them. And his fiercest critics are engaging right back. The strangest byproduct of this was a Tweet stream between Lance and FestinaGirl.

Lance festina girl 1aa

Lance Festina girl 1a Lance Festina 1Lance Festina girl not right conduit Lance Festina girl 3 Lance Festina girl 4What I found bewildering about this exchange was the very fact that Suze had asked Lance to contribute his best/worst moments in the Tour. If she was writing an article on doping or disgraced athletes, that would make sense. But his best moment? ‘My best moment was standing on the top step of the podium on the Champs-Elysees the first (second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh) time.’ I wonder what she thought he might say that she would have been able to use? I found Lance’s response a lot less bewildering. Why? Because he’s obviously on a charm offensive! (Mark my words, the man is going to run for Governor of Texas soon …)

Lance charm offensive 1Lance charm offensive 2Lance charm offensive 3And just a few other interesting/funny tweets on Mr Armstrong.

G Lance GWhizzLance nike quit Lance Peloton Cafe Lance freeThe Gruppetto

On to less contentious issues. That Boy Phinney joins a French dance music duo.

G Daft Phinney

And Jonathan Vaughters is the subject of a very clever teeshirt.

G Vaughters tee 1 G Vaughters tee 2This, by the way, is Orville Redenbacher – he was a man who made millions by marketing gourmet popcorn in, oh, must have been the 70s onwards. If only Vaughters had that popcorn money to invest in the Sharpies.


The last word

I’m assuming that every cyclist knows how to turn his girdle. If Fabs ever needs any help with that …

Last Word Shakespeare

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