Giro Tweets: 100+ and double dream dashed

The second week of the Giro has come and gone. And we’ve seen the two most famous British cyclists have two very different experiences – Cav passed the landmark 100 victories and Wiggo didn’t do the Tour/Giro double. In fact, he didn’t even get to the weekend. That, plus some great Giro images and a large gruppetto means it’s Giro Tweets of the Week!

C is for 100

The Roman numeral for 100 is C – which is fitting, considering Mark Cavendish chalked up his 100th victory last week (and then 1 more for good measure – that would be CI in Roman numerals). And C is for Champagne and congratulations, etc etc.

Cav celebration 100 1 Cav celebration 100 2

A good bromance never dies.

Cav congrats Bernie

Cav faster than a car Cav italian kiss 1 Cav Italian kiss 2

But for every Italian kiss and fizz of Champagne, there is a price to pay and sprinters going over mountains know what pain is all about. This tweet was in reference to stage 14 – a particularly cold, wet climb to a summit finish on Jafferau.

Cav totally empty

And speaking of That Boy Phinney, he and Cav seem to be best buds – I wonder if they talk about chess and fashion in the gruppetto like they do on Twitter.

Cav fashion 1 Cav Fashion 2 Cav chess

(BTW, Cav’s chess defeats only made him faster in the sprinter on stage 13.)

Cav The hangover

Is this a world-class sprinter in about 15 years? You saw it here first!

Cav little boy

Damp squib for Bradley’s double dreams

If you recall, at the beginning of May Bradley Wiggins was talking all big and bad about doing the double of winning the Giro and the Tour in the same year. This was not to be. There were a lot of tweets flying around. Was he really sick? Why couldn’t he descend? How many girls could kick his ass on a descent? (We reckon CI.) Was this all just a clever ploy to make sure he was the leader for Sky’s Tour team? Is Rigoberto Uran really Mick Jagger? (Oh, sorry, that’s later.)

Wiggins ill Wiggins leadership Wiggins full strength tour Wiggins head ITV4

Wiggins Froome birthday

And surely the best video found this month! Wiggins CX video

The rest of the Giro news

It was a wet, cold week for everyone. There were rumours of climbs being dropped due to snow and avalanches, stages shortened, routes reworked. But all this weather made for some great pictures. Most of these first pics are from Giro d’Italia’s Facebook page. Thought you might like them.

Giro pics 1 Giro pics 2 Giro pics 3 Giro pics 4 Giro Sky fly Giro snowtopped pic Giro stage long Giro stay close to Vinis Giro survival camp Giro weather

Giro crit in hotel carpark

Giro indoor stages


Sharpie Christian Vande Velde teaches us what is true in life. (BTW, Free Bird is one of those songs that makes me run screaming from the room. Screaming at the top of my lungs.)

G CVV top 3 1 G CVV top 3 2 G CVV top 3 3

Giro CVV top 3 4 G CVV top 3 5

As Movistarlet Alex Dowsett says, sometimes it looked more like a swim meet last week – if only they had some Giro water wings.

G Giro swim club

The never-stale musical interlude that is the name-game with Sky riders. (Another one: Henao, Henao, don’t dream it’s over …)

Giro Henao

G Uran Jaggar

(Ahem, I do believe it was us who first noticed Uran’s resemblance to Mick Jagger – just sayin’)

Picture 2

Stop the madness.

G Aero helmets

Pippo – I said, stop the madness!

G Pippo cryotherapy

G Pippo cyrotherapy 2

Madness is still not stopping! (Um, I suspect that @SSpiaggia thought they were mentioning Roberto Ferrari’s hair – which is EPIC – when they said ‘unfortunate picture of the guy in back’. It wasn’t. If you see what I mean.

G Pippo saran wrap 1 G Pippo saran wrap 2

Meanwhile, over in California a 41-year-old man gave a masterclass in ‘hardman breakaway victory’ and SuperSagan went back to the future.

G Jens attacking G Peter Sagan flux

Meanwhile, Jonathan Vaughters gets an A.

G Vaughters paper

The last word

Goes to Zdenek Stybar who is recovering from injury. We hope he gets back into the peloton soon!

G Stybar bike

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