TotW: Sugar, shaving & underpants for the hands

This is the last regular Tweets of the Week as for the next three to four weeks, we will have Giro Tweets of the Week! But before we go all ablush and Italian, let’s see what our little band of tweeties have been up to!

It’s all about the sugar

You burn up 6,000 calories a stage. You eat rice and pasta for breakfast. You’re a pro cyclist. But the reward? After a long stage race has finished, all you want is a little sugar.

Food G Henderson recovery food

I love Ted King‘s enthusiasm – for maple syrup, for candy, and for these gourmet nutter-butters! God bless Justin, the Nut Butter King.

Food G Ted King Justin 1 Food G Ted King Justin 2

Ah, Nutella. The chocolate hazelnut spread of the gods. If you remember a few weeks ago, @TourdeJose reported on the Great Nutella Heist – thieves in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, made off with five tonnes (27m calories!) of the stuff. @festinagirl has found an interesting statistic and @davedickie has done some calculations.

Food G Nutella heist

And last on the cake trolley, we have a zesty little number for a VeloVoices favourite, the beautiful and talented Bridie O’Donnell. Happy birthday, lady! France is proud of you!

Food G Bridie cake

The Days of Future Past

With RadioShack packing up its sponsorship money and the team somehow being jinxed since the merger with Leopard Trek, the question is where is Spartacus going to end up next season? Fabs was interviewed on a Swiss sports programme this weekend and seems to have hinted as to his future. (I’d heard he was going to be an IAM Cat but who knows?)

Fabs BMC 2014

It’s a long way since his Mapei days – these pictures just keep coming out into the Twitterstream and I just have to keep posting them up. Honest to God, he looks like something out of Smash Hits in its 80s heyday!

Fabs Mapei Fabs Mapei 2

And, just for good measure, here’s Fabs only a few weeks ago, shot by the incomparable Jered Gruber. Any day is a good day when the Grubers are at a race!

Gruber Fabs cover

If you could just tilt your head a little

Speaking of great photographers, Tim De Waele is no slouch himself. Here is a picture of Tim shooting Tony Martin in the Tour de Romandie time trial. (I’d be terrified that I’d lose my balance and sprawl unceremoniously in front of the world champ, causing him to run over my head and lose the race.)

G TDW Martin 1

And here is the picture that he was shooting. (I guess Tim didn’t lose his balance and disgrace himself in front of Tony’s bike. Phew!)

G TDW Martin 2

This next one is for the effervescent @lesvachesdutour.

G TDW Cows 2

G TDW Cows 1

And one last TDW shot. I’m sure that gormless guy with the ciggie hanging out of his mouth went to my high school.

G no respect

Does that make fries?

You all know how I love those Lotto-Belisol boys! Last year’s Henderson/Hansen storyline on Twitter was always a highlight of the column. Well, young Adam Hansen has moved on to tweaking the nose of the Gorilla himself, Andre Greipel.

Gripel : Hansen tech Greipel : Hansen tech 2 Greipel Hansen tech 3

Andre doesn’t care about laptops, Adam clearly doesn’t care about football.

Greipel : Hansen bored Greipel : Hansen bored 2

Now Adam is tweaking the nose of an entire country … or two actually, come to think of it.

G Hansen Tour of Turkey guide

And here’s just a nice action shot of Mr Hansen in full flow. G Hansen attack

Razor-sharp, as always

But what has Hansen sidekick Henderson been up to? Well, he’s has decided it is time to make those legs silky smooth. After that announcement, he got a few grooming tips. And a confession!

G Henderson shaving 1

G Henderson shaving 2

Speaking of grooming, Jens got the wrong end of the stick when his wife told him about her newest purchase. G Jens Remington 1 G Jens Remington 2

And I couldn’t not put in this picture of My Beloved Panache, who never misses an opportunity to taunt me with bad facial hair. To fill you in, Thomas de Gendt – good guy I’m sure, but the facial hair, ugh, so unruly there could be a boot hiding in it for all I know. Him and the wolfman – ack, can’t remember his name, maybe rides for Blanco? [Laurens ten Dam? – Ed] – their facial hair just gives me the creeps. Panache, however, hasn’t been at this beardy thing for long enough. He does look like he wants to sell me some encyclopedias, however.

G sporting de Gendt

The Gruppetto

Check out that SCAR! (bloody emoticons don’t come out on screen shots … there was a little bike in there somewhere)

G Dries scar

These weird recovery boots make me think of iron lungs for the legs.

G Recovery

Love this find by Emily Maye (another great photographer!)

G TdF yearbook

Oh, Cav must have felt like he was back at Milan-SanRemo with weather like this in the Tour de Romandie! G TdR Cav in the wet

The lovely Marco Pinotti weighed his wet kit. Considering that weight is everything in cycling (okay, not everything, but almost everything), Marco must have felt like Atlas with that extra 4.7kg on his shoulders.

G Pinotti clothes

There is nothing right about these cycling gloves. Nothing. Oh God, I just had a mental picture of Thomas de Gendt stroking his unruly facial hair with these on his hands. >runs screaming from the room<

G Tidy whities gloves

The Last Word

Or is it?

G Frrome 10,000%

Until next week and Giro Tweets!

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