AntBanter: When cyclists get angry

It’s no secret that cycling is a highly charged sport, and emotions are frequently on display. For sure, the honesty of raw emotion is one of the many great things about the sport. It’s hardly surprising when guys are in the saddle giving it full gas for hours at a time, day after day, that riders sometimes struggle to keep a level head, and emotions boil over. It might be tears of celebration, the anguish of defeat or the pure comedy of a full on strop, but from time to time, most riders will ‘lose their sh*t’, and I now intend to celebrate this with a pick of some of our favourite undignified moments from cycling’s video vaults. (As some of these have been in the vaults for a long time, the quality is less than pristine, but it’s worth persevering.) Continue reading

Happy birthday: Alejandro Valverde

On Alejandro’s birthday last year we looked into whether or not he’d had hair plugs and we  – correctly – concluded that he hadn’t. However, 2012 was a pretty stellar year for him after his return from suspension: he got married, won a stage in the Tour de France, delighted us with a three-way joust with fellow Spaniards in the Vuelta – where he finished runner-up, took a bronze in the World Championships in Valkenburg and won frequently on home soil. Continue reading