Tweets: Panda races, chameleons on bikes, mullet on a mower!

Fleche Wallonne, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the retirement of the biggest thighs in cycling, mullet on a mower, #KermitArms, Jens’ own kingdom, and a smiling Andy Schleck … just a few of the subjects we will be covering in this installment of Tweets of the Week.

I spy with my little eye

The reflection of an Ardennes classics winner …

FW Moreno trophy FW mullet

A seer, an Irishman and a giant panda

Is it crazy or does Jonathan Vaughters have a crystal ball?

LBL JV prediction 1 LBL JV prediction 2

LBL Gotham

Dan Martin is the second Irishman to win LBL – but the first British cyclist to win LBL. Confused? Well, apparently things like nationality in sports means a lot to people. Personally, never understood it myself. That said, it was a great win for a great guy with great team tactics, no matter where he’s from.

LBL Martin pic LBL Martin nationality

In the last kilometre, when it was mano a mano between Martin and Joaqium Rodriguez, it suddenly turned into mano a mano a panda. I like to think that Purito was mistranslated in Mikkel Conde’s tweet: ‘At first I thought the panda was catching me and him, I can outsprint …’

LBL Panda running LBL Panda comment LBL Purito response

What I love about cycling is that an individual wins but the team feels victorious – and all those guys behind the scenes feel as proud as if they were out there on the bikes themselves. I love these pictures of the Sharpie behind-the-scenes guys.

LBL Garmen staff

I’m sure that bucket of suds isn’t the only bubbly the mechanics got to partake in on Sunday night.

LBL Garmin mechanics

No SchleckChute today

Andy Schleck finished Fleche Wallonne AND Liege-Bastogne-Liege and we were all very happy about this. While it would be foolish to think that his Tour de France campaign is going to be a stormer, it’s great to see him getting himself back on track, slowly but surely, and actually smiling. But I worry about that giant tarantula in his helmet.

AndySchleck 5 AndySchleck 1

AndySchleck 2 AndySchleck3

AndySchleck smile Andy Schleck pic 1 AndySchleck 4

Lord of the Rings

Last week, Sir Christopher Hoy announced his retirement from cycling. It was refreshing to see so much love being bestowed on a cyclist. Here are a few of the hundreds of tweets about the great man. Oh, and a slight diversion around skinny jeans.

ChrisHoy 1 ChrisHoy 2 ChrisHoy 3ChrisHoy 4 ChrisHoy 5 ChrisHoy 6

Oh Kermie, Kermie, Kermie!

Here’s the campaign for #KermitArms at bike races. It’s amazing what five tweeters can think up on a Sunday morning whilst waiting for a race to start!

KermitArms film

Here’s the video:

KermitArms 1

KermitArms 2

Get practising – make sure you get pictures or videos of you and all your friends doing #KermitArms at the races this summer and post them up on our Facebook or Twitter. The prize – besides pride! – is anyone who sends in a pic/vid gets an exclusive VeloVoices Fridge Magnet. (We’re the last of the big spenders here at VeloVoices Towers!)

The Gruppetto

Google Translate says that ‘de grote tuinkabouter’ means ‘the large garden gnome’. A garden gnome with a mullet!!!!! EXCELLENT!

VanSummeren lawnmower Jose VanSummeren lawnmower 2 VanSummeren lawnmower 1 VanSummeren lawnmower2

I think Blazin’ Saddles has the right idea. Million dollar idea, dude.

Kimmage Walsh wrestling

Carlos Sastre has always been a very softly-spoken man – no controversy. But he opened up earlier this week. And I love this quote. Very matter of fact.

Sastre LA quote

Even chameleons want to get on their bikes now that spring has prevailed.

Chameleon on a bike

I wonder if that little chameleon dreams of one day being a beefy super-swift Argonaut – the yummy Marcel Kittel took the first stage of the Tour of Turkey on Sunday.

Turkey Kittel 1

I think, however, this Mapei kit would cause the poor chameleon to spontaneously combust. As I was studying this picture (for research purposes only *cough*), I noticed that Fabs has a rose-coloured aura around him. According to a random website about the colours of auras (so it must be true!), this denotes unselfish love. Sigh. It’s only a matter of time before he gets his halo as well. *Swoon*

Cancellara Mapei

Speaking of rose-coloured auras, is it just me or is this a very disturbing picture? A headless torso ploughing snow??? Stuff of nightmares.

Giro on a snowplow

The Kingdom of Jens. I know a certain Minnesota gal who would love to live there (Melissa German, I’m lookin’ at YOU!)

Jens own kingdom

Considering just the other day, Wiggo was talking about how much he loves racing in Italy, seems odd he wouldn’t know who the debonair Gianni is.

Wiggins Gianni who

Amen to this sentiment. Those helmets are just foul. Anything that can make Taylor Phinney look like a mouth-breathing slackjaw should be illegal.

Last word Giro Air

The last word

Last word grow up

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