TotW: Contador as a boy, a Roman win & Argonaut instagrams!

Well, after a tweetastic few weeks with the cobbled classics, everyone has settled down just a little bit. This week, we have a few final pictures and thoughts from Roubaix, flowers and an apology to a certain podium girl, a Roman win and a bumper gruppetto.

Goodbye Roubaix

Just a few little bits and pieces from Roubaix this week. First up, That Boy Phinney looking like he gave everything he had by the time he made it to the velodrome.

Phinney McQuaid hug 1

Phinney McQuaid hug 2

This is just too good a picture to leave out.

PR final pic

How do you explain to a four-year-old that cycling is a team sport but only one guy ‘wins’?

Roulsten friend won PR

Who said cyclists aren’t poets?

Julsen 4 days since Roubaix

Fabs working on the footpath.

Fabs cartoon Roubaix Fabs Roubaix showers

Peter & The Podium Girl (revisited)

We had a more circumspect Peter Sagan this week during Brabantse Pijl, as he presented Maja Leye, the podium girl he pinched, with a bouquet and a personal apology during sign-in. Not staged at all.

Sagan podium 1

After he won the race, he made sure his hands were kept to himself. Look at this picture though – is it me, or does PhilGil look a lot like Thor Hushovd? Really? Just me??

Sagan podium 2

A Portrait of Bertie as a Young Man

Alberto Contador posted up a few pictures of himself when he was an amateur, taken about 11 years ago. He must have a portrait in the attic because he doesn’t look any different – age has not withered, et cetera et cetera.

Contador nipper 1 Contador nipper 2

The Roman Spring of Amstel Gold

Spring has finally sprung in Belgium, after what can only be described as, well, winter during the spring classics. We’re all very excited. But that meant that Amstel Gold was, indeed, a golden day – and for no one more than a certain Roman Kreuziger.

Amstel waiting 2

Amstel waiting 1

Hmm, looks to me that the Katusha team meeting was conducted at some sort of space station: “Alright boys, here it is: fire a photon torpedo directly down the thermal exhaust port, which leads to the reactor core, leading to a chain reaction that will destroy the Death Star … any questions?”

Katusha Amstel briefing

“Moreno, I am your father …”

Moser father and son Amstel

The peloton had to make a quick escape through a field during a crash that left the world champion at the back of the group and Thomas Voeckler in hospital with a broken collarbone.

Amstel riders across field

The news of Voeckler prompted a lot of tongue jokes (hey, tweeters are nothing if not obvious), but I liked this picture best.

Save Voeckler

PhilGil sheds his Thor disguise from earlier in the week and attacks!!!

Gilbert Amstel pic Gilbert Amstel drinks

Roman Kreuziger gave a great performance on the day. But don’t you think this picture looks like he’s in front of some sort of pre-recorded backdrop that has nothing to do with him? Who is that gigantic man looming over his shoulder?

Kreuziger Amstel win 1

But for many of us the sight of a Carrot breakaway – and the fact that Mikel Astarloza stayed out (and upright) for quite a while – was the strangest sight of the race. (That Euskaltel kit is verging on a glow – like it!)

Astarloza break pic 1 Astarloza break pic 2 Carrot yoga 1 Carrot yoga 2

The Gruppetto

Nothing like some Argonaut Instagrams!

Argonaut instagrams 2 Argonaut instagrams

No idea what Fabs is talking about. None. But I heart him.

Fabs strange tweet 1

David Smart spots the doppelganger. Eat, Chris, EAT!!!! (It does look, however, that Jack Skellington has the perfect head shape for those hideous hideous aero helmets that some teams have been forced to wear. Seriously, that madness has to stop.)

Froome pic 1 Froome pic 2

How do you find a Sharpie at an airport with a dead phone? You mobilise the Twitter Army.

JV find Haas 1 JV find Haas 2 JV find Haas 3 JV find Haas 4

Surely every training ride is punctuated with a cigarette break?

Koen de Kort ashtrays

“If we could talk to the animals …”

Hoogerland birdy

This nearly had the last word.

Qhubeka pic Live Bigger

Because Yoda gets …

The Last Word

Last Word Yoda

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