TotW: Sep, Spartacus and Samuel L Jackson

Can this season get any better? This week’s tweets has the surprise of Pais Vasco (not least the cannabis fug hanging in the air), the blistering and beautiful Paris-Roubaix and our gruppetto of tweets too good to miss. First to Spain …

Pais Vasco

Wow man, I see rainbows. They’re beeeeaaaauuuuuttttiiiiffffuuuulll.

PV Gilbert pot


You know it’s a hard race when Jensie mentions the conditions!

PV Jens wristband 1 PV Jens wristband 2

PV Jens 1

PV Jens fatigue 1 PV Jens fatigue 2 PV Jens fatigue 3 PV Jens fatigue 4

PV Jens fatigue 5 PV Jens fatigue 6 PV Porte fans


For me, this is the race of the season: so brutal, so beautiful, so unpredictable, so epic. And this year was no exception. The anticipation, the race, the finish and the reactions were all expressed on our favourite social media channel.

The anticipation: from fans, from riders, from everyone.

PR Gruber pave 1

PR all great days in one

PR Fabs getting ready

PR fans excited PR fans excited 2 PR fans excited 3 PR fans excited 4

A little stroll down memory lane. Before he became Spartacus.

Fabs as a youngone 2 Fabs as a youngone

PR Degenkolb trophy

Ahhh, the Twittering Dream Team of Henderson & Hansen

PR Henderson 1 PR Henderson 2

PR OPQS fans 2 PR OPQS fans 1

PR reaction PR riders anticipation PR riders excited 1

And Paris-Roubaix seems to bring out the poets in people!

PR twas the night before 1 PR twas the night before 2

The race

PR Fabs signs last

PR Chava smile 2 PR Chava smile 1

PR Gruber tire 2 PR Gruber tire 1

PR Koen boxer hands

PR Stijn ready 2 PR Stijn serious

Former Roubaix champion Johan Vansummeren is rocking the Vladimir Karpets look.

PR Vansummeren hair 1 PR Vansummeren hair 2 PR Vansummeren start 1

PR fans by roadside

PR Nobody puts Fab in the 3rd group PR OPQS car PR OPQS car 2

PR sep cance pic

An aside about cycling etiquette – stop and wait or push on? Cancellara and Vanmarcke pushed on, however, this was no Chaingate.

PR Cance wait 1 PR Cance wait 2 PR Cance wait 3 PR Cance wait 4 PR Cance wait 5

The finish

Cancellara might have won the trophy, but Sep Vanmarcke won a lot of fans with that race full of heart-blood. Paris-Roubaix is a special parcours, there’s no doubt about that, but as any cycling fan knows, it’s the riders who make the race. And certainly the two battling it out in the velodrome made this year’s Classic a classic. At the end, one fell to the ground in exhausted triumph, one let the teardrops fall in exhausted defeat – but for everyone who watched the race, they were both winners.

PR assault with a Trek pic PR assault with a trek 2

PR end of race reaction 2

PR Sep sobbing

PR Terpstra 3rd

PR Exhausted podium

PR Fabs sep reaction 1

PR Sep reaction 1 PR Sep reaction 2 PR Sep reaction 2a PR Sep reaction 3

PR end of race reaction 1 PR fabs KOed

Reaction from riders and fans

Races like Sunday, I thank the web gods that Twitter was invented. The reactions from fans and riders alike were amazing to read – you could almost feel the crackle of excitement through the screens.

PR Chavanel reaction PR Downing reaction PR Emily Maye cobblestone

PR fabs reaction 1

PR Fans reaction 1 PR fans reaction 3

PR Geraint reaction PR Greipel reaction PR Henderson reaction PR hincapie reaction

PR Arenberg Braveheart

PR Stybar reaction

PR Sieberg reaction PR Sergent reaction 1

PR Avermaet reaction PR phinney sock

PR Fabs at airport

It’s over for another year. We still have much to look forward to this season but hey, hasn’t it been an amazing few weeks?

PR 330days till

PR Boxing day

The gruppetto

The tweets that were just too good to leave behind.

The great Nutella heist …

Nutella robbery 1 Nutella robbery 2

My favourite teeshirt of the week!

Tee Pie shop

We love Ted King and his foodie musings.

Ted King marshmallow fluff

Lost, hopefully to be found soon!

Boonen lost

So fresh-faced.

Hayden as youngster

Lydia is still in a state of hyperventilation.

Phinney meeting Lydia

Are all sportsmen mentally ill?

Obree mental sportsmen 1 Obree mental sportsmen 2 Obree mental sportsmen 3

The last word

This might not be the Spartacus we know, but the mighty Samuel L Jackson could very well be talking about Cancellara’s performance this weekend. We need to get him tweeting about cycling, we really do!

PR Samuel L Jackson

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