TotW: The Good, the Bad & the Asinine

It’s a bumper issue of Tweets of the Week – we have all the news and debate from the Ronde van Vlaanderen.

The Good

Fabian Cancellara came to the race on Sunday ready to Ronde but days before, @Ponckster found Fabs’ Flanders plan of attack so we weren’t surprised by his victory.

RVV Fabs plan to win

Meanwhile, Sir Sky Supremo Dave Brailsford is watching … and watching …

RVV Brailsford

RVV clocks changed

RVV Seiberg ronald mcdonald shoes

RVV Vockler technique

The obligatory pictures of pain.

RVV walking up Kopp

RVV Cotty pic 2

*I* am Spartacus … oh wait, no I’m not. And I’m not Zdenek Stybar either!

RVV I am not zdenek RVV Henderson mancrush

RVV fairplay

RVV Cotty pic1

And Spartacus took it with his final attack on the Paterberg.

RVV pinned ears back

I love this: “The bus was so drunk when Fabian arrived …”

RVV Roulston celebrate

RVV looking for Fabs

RVV cance fans 1 RVV Cance fans

RVV RSLT celebrating

And what did Spartacus have to say for himself?

RVV Fabs in pocket

RVV Fabs to Tom

RVV Fabs bedtime

RVV fabs trophy RVV fabs trophy 2

All-conquering …

RVV Spartacus real

And some final reactions: first of all, David Millar doesn’t dress Christian Vande Velde – got it? He doesn’t.

RVV Millar VDV clothes 1

RVV VDV clothes 2

Jens is thinking about number seven while Ted King was powered for the race by maple syrup.

RVV Jens named baby

RVV King pancakes

I particularly loved Althea’s ‘Fridge Magnets of Truth’.

RVV fridge magnets

RVV Keisse love

RVV Zdenek love race

RVV Tosh

The Bad

Last year, Fabs crashed at the first feedzone. This year, Tom Boonen crashed almost as soon as the race started. It was his shit day of #unluck.

RVV Boonen tweets RVV Boonen out 1 RVV Tom Boonen 1

RVV wo boonen RVV Boonen down

Looks like @TourDeJose found a prophecy…

Boonen Sagan wheelie

While Tim de Waele found this bit of wishful thinking.

RVV Boonen winner 2013 1 RVV Boonen 2013 winner

And the Asinine

Peter Sagan went from being an exuberant kid with endearing victory salutes to an immature idiot with no self-censoring mechanism. I’m not posting up the picture – we’ve all seen it at least a hundred times – but as it is the centre of a furious debate on Twitter, I thought I would post up some of the reactions. These ranged from shrugs to outrage to questioning the validity of having podium girls at all to cycling’s attitude towards women’s racing. I’ve tried to include the whole gamut here … these might be a bit chronologically askew – it’s hard to keep track of conversations when they’re this multi-stranded.

SPP role model SPP role model 2 SPP role model 3

SPP classier on a bike

SPP Sagan Aubrey debate

Derek and Neal are talking about two pictures (which I’m not going to show) – one teeshirt on Sagan which basically makes a very crass and graphic equation for a good time and one teeshirt that Tom Boonen is wearing, amazingly enough while holding up the rainbow jersey (so it’s an old picture), that says what he’ll do on a first date. Either of which teeshirt if you saw on someone in person, you would judge as being worn by an idiot.

SPP Henderson

SPP Sagan Cance ass

SPP podium girls 1

SPP E3 podium girl SPP E3 podium 2

SPP podium calendar SPP theatrical satire SPP Dim Roxanne SPP calendar womens sport SPP role modls 3 SPP photoshopped

SPP jose panache beal SPP words written

SPP Dude no touching SPP nice kid

There were two articles written about this that you should read, both written by women. One by Jane Aubrey, which is here, the other by blogger @ZimmermanAnna, which is here. Bridie O’Donnell gives her take on Anna’s piece, followed by responses to her response.

SPP Bridie tweets 1 SPP Bridie tweet 2 SPP Bridie tweet 3 SPP Bridie tweet 4

SPP Bridie response 1 SPP Bridie response 2 SPP Bridie response 3

The conversations are not over yet either – although I think we have a bit of pinch fatigue going on. It’s simple, really: don’t touch strangers in a provocative way. Don’t touch people you know in a provocative way unless you know that they want you to. Doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or an accountant. Keep your hands to yourself. (And just for the record because I have been accused of sexism towards male cyclists, I would not pinch Fabs’ bum – admire it, sure; touch it, never. I have no right or good reason to. Full stop.)

But what about the two people involved? Peter Sagan recorded an apology and posted it up on his Facebook page.

Sagan apology

And Maja Leye accepted it.

Maja Leye acceptance

The Gruppetto

Tweets that are too good to miss. As we all know, Nutella is the breakfast of champions … Here is a beautiful rallying cry. (Okay, this is a picture taken at a demonstration in favour of gay marriage, not a bike race, but the Nutella sentiment works – it works!)

Spread Nutella not hate

Astonishing (in a strange way) …

Boonen pate

Astonishing (in a bad way) …

Festina ad Virenque

Astonishing (in a ‘how big is that chair?’ way) …

Boonen in big chair

Astonishing (in a great way) …

Lotto boys at breakfast

Just plain astonishing …

OPQS pillow fight

Wonderful (in a wintry way) …

Voigt family sledding

Wonderful (in an inventive way) …

TdF eggs

Wonderful. Just really wonderful.

What would Taylor do

The last word goes to …

William Shakespeare – I think this sums it up.

Last word

Until next week!

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