Good Friday Feature Extra! Volta part II by Ian Walton ‘The Musette’

Last Friday, we had a great picture gallery from the Volta a Catalunya, shot by one of our favourite VeloEyes Ian Walton, aka The Musette. He kept the photographs coming and we wanted to make sure we shared them so we’re giving you a Good Friday Extra! Captions are non-existent because I want the photographs to speak for themselves. (All photographs ©Ian Walton/TheMusette.) Continue reading

Friday Feature: Specialized filmmaker Chris Keiser

As cycling obsessives, our appetite for content is insatiable. The iconic bike brand Specialized understand that and, luckily for us, pander to it! Not only do they do adverts with style, humour and heart – no frying up cycling shoes for them, no siree, they get little boys riding like they’re Tom Boonen – but they also serve up a tantalising smörgåsbord of behind-the-scenes short videos. These show the riders training, getting fitted for their bikes, testing out wheels on the cobbles, even having coffee. And the man behind these films is Chris Keiser. Continue reading