TotW: Cake, icy winds & gimps

We had some sunshine in Spain but more frigid conditions in Belgium. But that didn’t stop a couple of storming rides by Cancellara and Sagan or fluffly earmuffs and masked men courtesy of BMC. Let’s start with E3 and the promise of a cake …

Spartacus gets his cake

E3 Harelbeke on Friday saw Fabs in classic/Classics form where he put in a powerful dig that the rest of the peloton couldn’t follow. And he just rode away.

E3 Fabs body wash

E3 Fabs promised cake

E3 Fabs chocolate cake 2

Jered Gruber was there to catch the action – nothing but love for the Grubers and their magnificent photography. Gets you right to the heart – or in this case, haunches – of the race.

E3 Gruber Fabs

E3 care pistons 1 E3 Fabs care pistons 2

E3 Fabs ending

E3 Fabs at finish

After the race, the reaction from My Beloved™.

E3 Fabs celebration E3 Fabs thank you

And my favourite tweet in this set … this made me laugh so much! Excellent! I was getting an awful lot of congratulations from my Twitter chums when Fabs won – which made me very happy.

E3 Fabs Kitty

Gent gets a gimp

Gent was colder than a cold thing from Cold Town so the boys bundled up for the start. Some much more than others.

Gent v Volta

The sign-in had a few interesting sights, not least PhilGil‘s earmuffs. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that guy must have balls the size of those earmuffs to show up to a sign-in for a Belgian race with those things on! But as Sue asks, who is that masked Batman on the very left?

Gent who is Batman

Hmmmm, there he is again! Now let me see – a cheeky cheerful rider, unfeasibly tall (maybe 6’5″?) Could it be …

Gent Batman 2

…the guy who is driving this peloton. Yep, it was That Boy Phinney! You might notice that Tom Boonen and Mark Cavendish are right behind him, looking like ‘could you bloody well slow down?!’

Gent Phinney driving

It was the men who didn’t wear gloves that was a topic of Twitter conversation. Heinrich Haussler is known for never wearing gloves – not in the cold, not on the cobbles, never. Because gloves are obviously for sissies.

Gent Haussler gloveless 2 Gent Haussler in his pants

The cold brings out the ninja in these guys and I have to say, it is incredibly difficult to figure out who’s who in the peloton when they’re all dressed as the Milk Tray man. In fact, a Lampre rider took off his hot pink and lime green jacket to race … in a black fleece! Give us a break, teams – surely you can race in jackets made from your colours!

Gent fans watching

And then SuperSagan won Gent … gloveless. Love this guy – I really do.

Gent Sagan badass Gent Sagan Superhero

How many calories in a podium bouquet?

Maybe I should call this section the Gruppetto – still great stuff, just a little straggly …

cold fabs

I particularly love the indignation that is radiating off this tweet. But my question is this – why would Fabs know how many people Justin Bieber is following if he maybe wasn’t following him himself. (That’s a worrying thought).

Fabs justin beiber

Lovely Gianni deserves double the blooms. Doesn’t he look happy!

Volta Meersman

You wonder if Tommy V sees the photographers and starts making faces to ensure that he gets into Tweets of the Week.

DDW Voeckler face

Food is always a popular subject for cyclists – both professional and above average amateurs (Hi Alex!). Important calorie counting information in this string, started by the exuberant Ted King.

Ted King airport calories Ted King airport calories 2

The luck of the Irish worked for Dan Martin on his Spanish adventure!

Volta Martin shamrock

How do I get this magazine? Seriously. How?

Cycling Illustrated Sagan

But the last word goes to…

The Last Word

Until next week, tweeties, when it will almost certainly be a Flan-tastic Tweets. Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “TotW: Cake, icy winds & gimps

  1. Yay! You shared my friend Penny’s photo of Fabs! How cool! 😀

    Oh, is it wrong that I laugh every single time I’ve read that post about Bieber from Fabs? ‘Cause I do.

  2. About Fabs and Bieber. I don’t think it’s just him. I think it’s cyclists in general (at least from what I’ve seen on twitter). It is kind of worrying though.
    I love the column by the way. It’s almost the highlight of every week 🙂

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