And the Oscar goes to …

Last Sunday everyone was so excited about the Oscars – everyone, that is, except me. I was bored to tears. If the nominees had been wearing new digs by Rapha, Castelli, or Assos, my interest might have been piqued. Alas, they were not. So while Hollywood was busy handing out little gold men, I was coming up with some film awards of my own.  Here are ten relatively recent films that should be recognised for their various exceptional qualities:

1. Best choreography by an individual rider

Niki Terpstra’s towel move in OPQS’ version of the Harlem Shake takes this prize by a mile.

2. Best animal scene

Oh deer, that looks like it might have hurt. Jeffro gets served.

3. Best rider pretending to be an actor

Peter Sagan as Forrest Gump. Would you like a box of chocolates after I ride away from the field in Oman?

4. Best culinary performance

Riding rollers while making an omelette?!? I think I’m in love with Siri.

5. Best use of vintage race footage

I would love to see Bordeaux-Paris return so this automatically deserves an award.

6. Best split-screen comedic performance

At 13:23 in to the film, Jonny Gunn runs the stairs of the catherdral in Girona as Lotto-Belisol’s Marijn de Vries observes in amazement.

7. Best ‘wish I would have been there’ film

A day at the greatest cyclocross race the United States has ever seen.

8. Best motivation to attend spin class

I might have to start attending these GCN spin classes.

9. Best race commentator at a finish

This video should be included in every cycling video list from now till eternity. Carlton Kirby nails the finish commentary as Iljo Keisse solos for the win … or does he?

10. Best surprise

I didn’t think I would enjoy Bradley Wiggins: A Year in Yellow but I did and you probably will too if you have an hour to spare.

Let us know about some of your favourite recent cycling videos and films and we’ll post links to them on our Facebook! If they are appropriate, of course 😉

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