TotW: Pantani is a Paradox, Jens rides the New Forest and Boom goes the Urals

What a task sifting the tweets from the chaff this week! So many stories, from Froome’s first win in Oman to the sky falling in Russia (and being propped back up by CAS)! I’ve also linked to articles and embedded any interesting videos mentioned, just to make sure you’ve not missed anything. With that in mind, let’s go to …


Chris Froome took his first ever professional stage race on Saturday at the Tour of Oman. Good for him! He did a gutsy job of holding off Rodriguez, Contador and Evans, who were all in great form. Bradley Wiggins was also in the race, although he kept pretty much to the back when he wasn’t working for Froome. I think these two pictures from Sky really illustrate the yin and yang of Wiggins and Froome (or yang and yin of Froome and Wiggins). Continue reading