TotW: One Jens, two Kings and Samuel L Jackson

We’ve just finished up the Tour Down Under and the Tour de San Luis, so we have a few tweets from the action in the southern hemisphere. And it’s a Lance-free zone (except for one little thing that is funny). But otherwise, yes, it is! So let’s start the column with a legend.

The happiest man in the peloton?

Just why do we love Jens Voigt so much? Is it his dress sense?

Jens as bond

His loyalty to his friends?

Jens and Andy

His fierce joy while doing his job?

Jens best pic

I think it’s all here on his crossbar …

Jens bike 2

How YOU doin’?

Doesn’t look like he’s missing Cav that much, does it? This is what a road captain looks like. He’s resting in a chair and still looks in command.

Bernie relaxingBernie relaxing 2

Bernie pic

Speaking of road captains, looks like Manuel Quinziato is getting in some early race bossing, in anticipation for further ahead in the season.

Quinziato San Luis Quinziato San Luis 2

Light-hearted loveliness

The Lotto boys have such a great sense of humour and joie de vivre when they’re racing together, it’s only appropriate that they have been immortalised as cartoon characters. Love this …

Lotto boys cartoon

During the Tour Down Under, Andre Greipel rampaged to his 100th win. Remember when he couldn’t get a look-in at HTC?

Lotto boys Greipel

Now look at him! He’s been crowned king, for heaven’s sake!

Lotto boys group

Speaking of King

Let’s get a little bit serious for a moment. Ted King, Liquigas rider, pancake lover and general all-round good guy, has written a column that you all should read. It’s from the heart.

Ted King feature

If you haven’t read his column, here it is. We’ll wait while you read it. We’ll be here when you get back.

Ted King call it SLJ Rise UPOkay, Samuel L Jackson didn’t actually write that tweet to do with anything in cycling or Ted King but I thought it was appropriate.

Here are a few other little tidbits that I thought went well with this chain of tweets…

You know youre a cyclist 1 You know you're a cyclist 2Floyd stole my bike

are you a doper

Geez, you can’t even buy a dress shirt for the Parliamentary Rugby Awards Dinner (the what? huh?!) without being accused of being a doper these days. Just wait until the movie comes out.

Lance movie

San Luis wash-outs

There were some pretty big puddles to cycle through during the Tour de San Luis. It’s actually a wonder anyone saw it though, considering the quality (and I use that word loosely) of the coverage. Seems the cameraman was just some random guy who set the thing up, pointed it to – oh, there! or there! Look! A squirrel!

San Luis in the rain San Luis camera 2 San Luis camera 1 riding in the rainIf the peloton races through lakes and no one sees them, do they get as wet?

You abseil down into the vault …

Wiggo and Froome getting ready for a jewel heist.

Ridiculous Sky portrait

I’m always chasing rainbows

PhilGil – that’s World Champion to you – has had the rainbow stripes tattooed onto his leg. Sort of like when athletes get tattoos of the Olympic rings, I guess. But they go with the socks and the shoes so who am I to question it?

Gilbert feet

PhilGil is a lucky man, no doubt about it. A glamorous wife, a cute little son, the rainbow jersey, a cool bike … but can he do THIS?

Pooping rainbows

Bet not …

Cute animal picture

I liked it. I put it in. Until next week, tweeties!


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