Tweets of the Week Special: The Lance Armstrong Oprah interview

Anyone who has been with VeloVoices through last year will know that when there is a major story, I try to piece together a mosaic of what people are saying about it on Twitter. With these Specials, I try to give a reflection of what people are saying on Twitter – fans, journalists, riders, anyone who’s talking about the topic. I also try to keep my comments to a minimum (I’ve already made my own personal thoughts clear on this blog already, as have Tim, Ant and Panache) and that’s true for this as well.

I have waded through a lot of tweets and I’ve tried to pick out some of the most thought-provoking, the funniest, the most passionate, the most immediate in reaction, just to preserve a snapshot of the last few days. Could you imagine if Samuel L Jackson had been tweeting about it like he did about the Olympics? THAT would have been awesome! Anyway I’ve tried to put the tweets in some semblance of order but it’s very difficult – like getting the Department of Justice to drop a case, apparently! – and so it jumps around a lot. But bear with it, because the last entry is the one that’s really worth reading. I promise.

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away

Early Friday morning (UK time), the Twittersphere blew up like Alderaan hit by the Death Star. It was the Lance Armstrong ‘No Holds Barred’ Interview with Oprah Winfrey. The biggest story in town.

Tweet map

He said WHAT?

Body language Bicycling body language bicycling 2 Change of mind 1 Change of mind 2 Contradiction 2 Contradictions 1 Contradictions 3 Contradictions 5 Contradictions 6

Contradictions 7 Contradictions 8 contradictions 9 Contradictions 10 Contradictions 11

“I did it for Kristen”

I just realised, not only were his three children lied to continually by their father, but by their mother too. How truly awful for them. They don’t deserve that.

Kik 1 Kik 2 Kik 3

“I don’t like that guy”

Psychology 1 Psychology 2 Psychology 3 Psychology 4

2009 comeback

2009 anti doping defense by Vis 2 2009 anti doping defense by Vis 2009 Alberto2 2009 Alberto1

Semantics and process

humbling joke interview techniques journos ashamed kids money a

kids money

Lance over the top response

Mercier aren't you glad?

Mercier aren't you glad 2

morbidly obese narcissism needs to speak to usada Not enough 1 NYT review Picture 53 reduce ban rules

WADA comments 1 WADA oaths

Some still believe and some don’t … but everyone wants to move forward

positive positive 2 positive 3 wanted to hope

Riders’ (and Federer’s) responses

(Not sure what the world is going on in this exchange between Cav and Daniel Benson about hotel rooms but this is just an example of the surreal stuff that has been going on …)

Cav Sun statement

Cav Benson Cav Galloway reaction Federer response 1 Federer response 2 Greipel response 1 Greipel response 2 Henderson statement KdKort response Kittel Lance bets McEwen response Phinney doping statement

The lighter side of the debate

BingoStrong 1 Bingostrong 2 Bingostrong 3 Bingostrong 4 Chipmunk tweet

Edgar Allan Poe Hickie dodgeball Joan Rivers Lance used rugs librarian scorned Onion Oprah 1 shitty beer Shut up dudes What am I on?

body language bear

And it ain’t over yet

Rasmussen 1

Rasmussen 2

A few final thoughts

Decade of abuse did we believe him Did we believe him 2 Did we believe him 3 Doprah 1 Eat cake stuff Fans help create Festina girl

“Death sentences” …

Death penalty 1

…and the last true word goes to Jered Gruber Death penalty Jered

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