Tweets of the Week: Sagan wins everything, Fabs has bedhead and Phinney is a himbo

It’s been a busy old week for our boys in the peloton – teams were finishing up their training camps, unveiling new kit, getting their team pics and packing up to go Down Under for a tour. Let’s start with a premiere.

Goodbye lime, hello lurid green

Cannondale has swapped Liquigas lime green to a lurid green. I say lurid in a loving way because even though I wasn’t impressed when I first saw it, I have changed my mind. The way they have subtly used the national champion’s colours has won them kudos around the Twittersphere as well. But first, let us remind ourselves of what we’ve lost …

Basso farewell Liquigas

Here is the new kit, the new name, the new bikes.

Cannondale ready

Sagan colours

Sagan all day pix

Sagan all day

We’re ready for our close-ups

But what do the boys look like in tuxedos, hobnobbing it on the red carpet? Funny you should ask.

Ted King in tux

Sagan hulk in tux

Lucky for this young lady, she wasn’t showing any cleavage and SuperSagan didn’t have a pen …

Sagan gets everything

But here is the team together and looking dapper. I do like the lurid green pocket kerchiefs. Nice touch.

Cannondale in tuxes

The God of Thunder doesn’t do smiling

Leave it to Hollywood Phinney to post up a picture of prepping for a picture. PhilGil looks amused, Thor most resolutely does not, there are some bored faces, a couple of guys clowning around … just like school pictures, isn’t it!

Phinney BMC team photo

I’m not sure why Mr Phinney is fixated on how Bieberesque he looks from week to week but I’m liking the nerd glasses on him. From the picture above and the picture below, we can safely say the boy ain’t vain!

Phinney Beiber yet?

Remember last year in May? #GiroLoveStory? Taylor seems to be looking for love again – but it kind of backfired on him when he went onto Snapchat.

Phinney snapshot username

Phinney snapshot username backfire

But as they say in Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” Our young hero has found happiness elsewhere, however.

Phinney little things

Dude! What happened to your hair?

Fabs bedhead

I would give a kidney to be able to see that sight every morning…

And speaking of hair …

There was a vicious rumour going around the Twittersphere AND the Daily Mail last week that Bradley Wiggins was going to record a song with a reformed Jam. As Weller and Wiggins pretty much have the exact same hairdo and they seem to be connected at the hip of late, it seemed plausible. Plus, you know, Paul hasn’t been up to much lately, this might have been a way to get in the charts again. But NO! There was a short sharp retort from Weller HQ.

Weller denial

Things that make you go oooooh!

Boy, Jakob Fuglsang really throws himself into his new team.

Fuglsang Kazak

Jose Been always changes her avatar according to the race that’s on … as you can see in the left hand corner, she’s being chased by a tiny flying kangaroo. So once she gets caught by the ‘roo, she turns into ET.

Tour de Jose as ET

Tour de Jose as ET 1

Jens just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich

Jens vegemite

Ah, getting through the airport … Jens seemed to be with Lotto-Belisol’s Marcel Sieberg when they were going through Aussie immigration.

Jens Marcel fidgetJens Marcel fidget 2

Jens Marcel Fidget 3

Jens Marcel fidget 4

Could you imagine that happening with UK or US immigration? No, I can’t either.

I wonder what Mark Renshaw is going to be doing in the TDU – hopefully not riding in the wind. I like that he made it a little story, though.

Renshaw wind

A tiny Terpstra

And we leave on a life-affirming note. Niki Terpstra is a father. Congratulations!

Terpstra daught

A method to my madness?

Did you notice I didn’t put one thing in about a certain Texan who has been getting a lot of attention of late? Well, I did that for a couple of reasons, one being there weren’t very many funny or even mildly amusing tweets about him, but the main reason is that I will be trawling through all the tweets during and after that interview to post up a special Tweets next weekend. And I think, quite frankly, that’s enough. [Amen to that – Ed.]

So until next time, tweeties, have a good one!

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  1. Irvin Smith says:

    Nice one Kitty. Did you notice that Tejay looks even less amused than Thor in that picture? And the green still looks awfully lime like to me.



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