10 Wishes: VeloLIVE

VeloLIVE is a Russian cycling website written by a well-connected band of fans who have their fingers firmly on the pulse of cycling-related news, particularly in respect of Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh riders. They’re so in the know that not only do we get our tips from them, but so does The Inner Ring. Their pro-blogger is also Yaroslav Popovych, whom we’re sure has some juicy tales to tell! Here is their wish list for 2013:

Our wishes for the UCI

1. Mr McQuaid: be strong, quit cycling!

2. Before setting new rules and regulations ask yourselves “Would we be happy to comply?”

Our wishes for race organisers

3. Think carefully before choosing a route! Cycling is neither a game of chess nor a car chase for a film. Don’t try to turn the sport into a spectacle whose only goals are to make money from advertising or from scandals off the back of the love fans have for cycling!

Wish X:

Wish 4: Let’s take a leaf out of Nordic skiing’s book for time trials!

4. For timing mountain time-trials, why don’t you use the Gundersen point-time differential system as used in Nordic skiing in the Tour du Ski?

Our wishes for cyclists

5. In the race for money and success do not endanger your lives! Your well-being and that of your families and their love is much more important.

6. The Russian-speaking riders should make themselves more readily and openly accessible to the press and their fans by speaking in Russian.

7. Yaroslav Popovych continues with his VeloLIVE diary.

Our best wishes to the fans

8. Respect those riders who work hard, particularly the domestiques. Be respectful of and honest with the riders.

Our best wishes to the team managers

Wish X: More in-car cameras like the one in Team Saxo car at 2011 Ronde

Wish 9: More in-car cameras like the one in the Team Saxo car at 2011 Ronde

9. Install cameras in all the team cars following races and beam the images onto the race websites.

Our best wish to everyone

Wish 10: Champagne times ahead for everyone!

Wish 10: Champagne times ahead for everyone!

10. All our best wishes to those who are passionate about cycling. Don’t forget to visit us at VeloLIVE.

10 wishes for 2013

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