Tweets of the Week: Hansen’s 9 days of Hell, Swiss knitting and SuperSagan’s gym secret

Well, it’s the last Tweets of the Week for 2012 – if I get around to it, I will try to put together a Greatest Hits of Tweets for Christmas week as the Twitterstream has been rich fishing grounds all year and I’ve caught VeloVoices’ quota of succulent tweets. However in the meantime, I will leave you with an (almost) all-photo Tweets, starting with the best series of tweets in the world, ever. Yes, it’s …

Hansen’s Training Camp Diary

Lotto Day 1

Lotto Day 2

Lotto Day 3

Lotto Day 4

Lotto Day 5

Lotto Day 6

Lotto Day 7

Lotto Day 8

Lotto day 9

Jump, Fabs, Jump!

Training camps came in all shapes and forms: RadioShack-Nissan did some sort of bizarre track and field training camp. Um, hey guys, don’t quit your day job.

Fabs jump 2Fabs high jump 2

Fabs jump 1Poor Fabs.

Andy Schleck, however, got to do the pole vault. Is this just the strangest training camp ever? Give a guy with a broken pelvis a long pole with which he has to somehow catapult himself through the air and over a bar. Does that sound wise to anyone out there? However, something must have cheered Fabs and Andy up (Bruyneel disappearance perhaps?), as they’ve both been tweeting again. As has Mark Cavendish now that he no longer rides in the Death Star – funny that.

Schleck pole ault

There was quite the spirit of bonhomie in the RadioShack training camp – not to mention a little knitting needle action. Gregory Rast seems to be a dab hand at purling and casting off. And I for one think Fabs will look, well, fab in this chunky jumper.

Knitting for FabsBefore we leave RSNT, let me just say the next couple tweets are a veritable masterclass in Fabianese. I’m so glad he’s back!!!

Fabs sandals

I love him. I. Love. Him.

And to wrap it all up

The guys from the team formerly known as Rabobank have taken matters into their own hands, I see.

Rabobank sponsors

While SuperSagan seems to have taken the elegant Mr Basso into his hands and onto his shoulders. Why? God only knows. Maybe perfecting his Incredible Hulk persona. Anyway, glad to see the Velvet Samurai back as well.

Sagan and Basso

And last but not least, That Boy Phinney. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m putting in my favourites today, so sue me. But I can’t wait to see how Taylor performs in 2013 – another maglia rosa? A podium place in a spring Classic? The sky’s the limit for this guy. And his hair is trying desperately to kiss the sky too …

Taylor hair day

And that’s your lot. This year, it was the best of times and the worst of times, but no matter what, it all was Twitter fodder. I suspect next year will be just as fun and infuriating. Let’s all hope for a catastrophe-free season in 2013. And some damn fine racing!

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