Tweets of the Week: Tetrapak terrors, OPQS gets sixed and MoFros a go-go

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 25th November 2012 (more or less).

You say goodbye and I’ll say hello!

Remember a few weeks ago, David Millar bid everyone a fond farewell on Twitter because he had other stuff to do? Well, that didn’t last long. Eight days of stuff and now he’s back. Maybe he realised that politicians (even sporting ones) need the public on their side.

The streets may not be paved with gold but …

Money is so obviously wasted on the rich. I’d be a much better rich person than the dimwit who owns this car.

Cheap booze and an outraged Swiss

Whereas PhilGil is wondering about the lifestyle that goes with a gaudy ridiculous car like this (okay, I’m assuming he thinks it’s a gaudy ridiculous car because I think that), Fabian Cancellara, My Beloved™, was shocked, appalled and downright outraged over the price of wine …

Personally, it was the #shouldbeforbidden hashtag that did it for me. Yet some people took offence at his outrage – obviously people who would drink any old swill out of any old container! #Unclass

Fabs didn’t care – he never replies to Twitter comments anyway (I can’t say I blame him). He did, however, go out to get photographic proof of this tetrapaked harbinger of civilisation’s demise…

Truthfully, this next picture has nothing to do with anything other than the Fabian Cancellara fan page on Facebook posted it up and I have never wanted to be a wheel of Brie more …

OPQS knocks ’em for Six

It was the Six Days of Ghent this last week and Iljo Keisse and Glenn O’Shea steamrolled everyone …

And again, just because I want to indulge myself, here is footage of that spectacular stage win that Keisse had in the Tour of Turkey where he lost his chain when he was 1km from the finish, calmly put it back on and kept the thundering peloton at bay. One of the most exciting finishes of the 2012 season. (The real action starts at the seventh minute …)

I like this instagram because it looks like a scene made up of those little iron toy cyclists …

Like these …

And this instagram makes Tom Boonen look like he’s made out of wood. Doesn’t it? But hey, that’s one nifty tape dispenser he’s got there!

I like that they give awards for Best Helper. I think that’s wonderful.

And this is what one of the newest members of the OPQS team was doing this week. Going to the robot factory to get a mechanical Bernie … Robots can learn to love too, you know.

I’ll see your Mo and raise you a Fro

Cadel and Koen looking quite dapper in the sunshine – Koen’s tache is coming along nicely, kind of outlaw looking!

And this is what the ‘MoFro’ of the mighty Greg Henderson looks like …

Is it just me or does he look like someone out of the Simpsons?

My little pony

Garmin rider Alex Howes is bucking the ‘horses eats oats so you should too’ trend (?) and getting in good with tigers. (See what I did there? Bucking … horses … Gold, Jerry! Gold!)

Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo

Geraint Thomas tweeted this picture. Have no idea why he is looking terrified at a dairy farm. Well, I know why he’s looking terrified – cows can kill! I’m just not sure why he’s there in the first place. Or what he’s reaching for …

And on that little mystery, I shall leave you. See you next week, tweeties!

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