Tweets of the Week: Short, sweet and ever so rich …

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 18th November 2012 (more or less).

Oh me, oh my! It really is the silly season.

Roughing it

Bjarne Riis is known for his survival camps to bond his team together. And this year is no exception … The Saxoffs all got together on Gran Canaria this week and Timmy Duggan was not a happy camper!

However, I suspect that abseiling down that rock face was forgotten as soon as the team came to the top of a climb and found this waiting for them.

And from another angle …

Is that what Russian money buys a team these days?

That old charmer

Once when asked what he would have been if he hadn’t been a cyclist, Mario Cipollini said ‘porn star’. Maybe he should have been at the top of that climb on Gran Canaria. Instead, he’s schmoozin’ some American laaaaddddeeeezzzzz …

You want smooth? I’ll give you smooooooth

If only I could have him wrapped up for Christmas morning. I’d be good all year long, Santa, I promise.

But Fabs had some good news this week – he passed the 200k mark for followers. There’s a growing band of us who get to enjoy ‘the personal world of me’. Fabianese really makes me weak at the knees sometimes …

And speaking of Fabianese, Valentin Glo is fluent in that crazy mixed-up language judging from her fantastic exchange with Argonaut Extraordinaire, Koen de Kort.

Free electron – I want to be a free electron! (Valentin, I’m not making fun of you – I really do think it’s marvellous!)

I am, however, making fun of YOU

While the Saxoffs were throwing themselves off mountains and then climbing back up them on bikes in search of naked women, Astana got to, um, well, put on a panto in what looks like the Science Museum – is that a cabinet full of rocks back there?

There really is nothing that can follow a picture like that …

It was short this week, but ever so sweet. Until next week, tweeties!

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