Friday Feature: Racing in the rain – VeloEye Davide Calabresi

VeloEye Davide Calabresi was at Il Lombardia last Saturday and managed to be at the start, the middle and the finish. Here is a selection of some of his fantastic pictures of the day. (All photographs © Davide Calabresi)

Well, hello boys!

The colourful field for the start of the Race of the Falling Leaves

An Acqua & Sapone forearm and a Sky haunch

It’s the King of the World, bigger than any of you mere mortals!

Has anyone else noticed PhilGil’s rainbow helmet? I’m undecided as to if I like it or not, but then, who am I to question the actions of the King?

A fresh-faced Damiano Cunego. This man does not age. At all. Ever. When he’s 70? He’ll look just like this

Seems Ivan Basso is trying to develop a Dick Dastardly vibe. Still the most elegant man in the peloton though

The splendidly named Eros Capecchi getting out of the way before an Euskaltel rider can fall off his bike

Alberto Contador doing one of a million interviews at the start of the race

What the start of a race looks like when you’re one of the greatest cyclists on the planet

Ryder Hesjedal (note the saucy cooling panel) and the surprisingly beefy Andrea Pasqualon

Joaquim Rodriguez rolls to the start of the fifth and final Monument of the season: did he know it was going to be his day?

Bertie makes a fan’s day

And the heavens opened …

Alessandro Ballan rides as domestique for the King of the World. Unfortunately they both came a cropper later in the race

A cyclist’s life is just so cushy, isn’t it?

A gaunt face for a gruelling race

The weather was so atrocious, even the Farneses found it hard to glow

Vincenzo Nibali does not look like a happy man … Little did he know, he’d be whipping up a risotto on the Giro d’Italia presentation stage the next day. That would have cheered him up

Olé Purito!

Purito not only won one of the most beautiful races in the cycling calendar, but also earned enough points to become the undisputed World Number One

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