Tweets of the Week: Quitters, dreamers and smokers

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 9th September 2012.

Cavendish en famille

Mark Cavendish has been pretty quiet on Twitter of late – he used to be my go-to guy when I was trawling for interesting tweets, now it’s like he hasn’t even got an account! I wonder if that’ll change next year when … however, we do have some pictures of Cav enjoying life in the bosom of his family.

Is it just me, or does he look like that Big Brother contestant … Craig? The one that is a handy man on daytime TV? You know the one … don’t you? Just me? Oh, okay. [Kitty means Craig Phillips, the winner of the first UK series of Big Brother. It’s okay, Kitty. Tim knew too. But no, he doesn’t look anything like him – Ed.]

Bridie lays down the law

The wonderful Bridie O’Donnell took issue with Michael Creed’s assertion that you will always suspect a winner of doping and opened up with both barrels.

If, by the way, you haven’t seen Bridie’s blog you should go there NOW. She posted up one of the most poignant and wonderful pieces of writing I’ve read in a long time last week. Bridie, keep that fighting spirit – France is proud of you.

The hardline according to GPCQM

As someone who has pretty much tweeted races every single weekend of this year, I find other race tweeters fascinating – what’s their style? Are they funny, do they just give the facts or do they add colour to the proceedings? I found the official tweeter for GPCQM [Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal – Ed] hilarious – but I’m not sure they meant to be. But they’re so abrupt! It’s like Boris Becker’s Wimbledon commentary: “He must serve better or he will lose.” Check out the way they made clear that EBH got dropped and it was his own fault and you can almost see the disgust dripping from the tweet of the guys who have ‘quit’. Tell it like it is! The last one is priceless.

I dreamed a dream of Jens

I often dream about races but I’ve not dreamt about specific riders – not even Fabs! Oh, I take that back, one night I dreamt that Fabu hired me to be his press secretary and we were on the team bus working on a blog entry on a really cool iPad. I woke up devastated that it wasn’t true … but accidento bizarro found this reverie about the greatest living German.

Hollywood Phinney takes on the Worlds!

Taylor Phinney is getting ready for the Worlds and with Cancellara, Martin and Wiggins out of the running for the time trial, chances are this young man will be in the rainbow jersey by the end of the month. Plus, well, what’s a Tweets of the Week column without a few pictures of the tallest man in the peloton?!

Not one, not two, but THREE Grand Tours in one year!

We waited with bated breath last week, willing Adam Hansen to finish each Vuelta stage within the time cut, stay out of trouble and ride to Madrid in order to be the GT Omnium champion! And he made it!!!

Fancy a smoke?

I will end this frivolity with one of the strangest pictures I’ve seen so far …

Until next week, tweeties!

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