Friday Feature: 10 things I love about cycling – Sheree

After the last few weeks, we at VeloVoices were feeling a bit jaded about all the news from the US. So we decided to revisit why we love the sport in the first place – a renewal of vows, so to speak. Over the course of today, we’ll be posting up our ten reasons why we love cycling. Here is Sheree’s list, in no particular order!

1. Freedom of the road. I can ride when and where I want, including the same roads as the professionals. In fact I get a huge kick out of seeing them race on roads I’ve ridden on.

he view from the summit of Col d'Eze (image courtesy of Eze Tourist Office)

The view from the summit of Col d’Eze which features most years in Paris-Nice and was my first Cat 1 climb (image courtesy of Eze Tourist Office)

2. Riding on my own but I’m never lonely as fellow cyclists make a point of acknowledging one another.

3. The friendships I’ve made with all sorts of people connected to the sport.

G4’s Petra and I pull a couple of Yeti (image courtesy of G4)

4. It’s high speed chess on wheels. I love trying to figure out teams’ race and stage tactics – the intrigue, the races within races.

5. I have so much admiration for those competing at the top level in such a tough and dangerous sport for relatively little reward and who make it look so easy, when I know it isn’t.

Image courtesy of Leopard-Trek

6. I love hanging around for hours on the finish line chatting to other fans, watching the action unfold on the screen and then seeing the peloton cross the finish line in a technicolor blur.

Jose Joaquin Rojas winning stage 1 of this year’s Vuelta al Pais Vasco (image courtesy of Susi Goetze)

7. Poetry in motion: Alberto en danseuse, Cav lunging for the line, Cancellara powering around a time trial course, Sky ascending at a set pace, Boonen dominating the cobbles, Samu swooping down a technical descent.

8. Cycling – both watching and riding – has taken me to some wonderful places I might not otherwise have visited.

Peloton on the Jaizkibel Arkale circuit

Peloton on the Jaizkibel – Arkale circuit (image courtesy of Susi Goetze)

9. The history and romance of cycling and its sporting superstars such as Fausto Coppi and Jacques Anquetil.

10. It keeps me fit.

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