Tweets of the Week: Hardman Hansen, Wiggie Ciggie and Panache Poses!

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 19th August 2012.

Hansen Omnium

We love that Adam Hansen – and he’s attempting to complete all three Grand Tours this summer. He’s got three stages down in the Vuelta now – and he has the mighty UCI_Overlord championing his cause.

And he starts his quest in Pamplona, in the team time trial.

Everybody get on board and cheer Adam on in his quest for his #GrandTourOmnium.

The evil weed

So Bradley Wiggins goes on holiday and what happens? He sucks down the booze and he sparks up a fag – well, a fag of some sort, there is some debate as to what it actually was – and the Daily Mail has pictures and everyone had a field day.

The visual image of Thomas Voeckler with a Gauloise on a climb made me laugh a lot.

And on the subject of Wiggins, this is what he said about Cavendish. Not anything that anyone who knows cycling hasn’t said in the last few months, that’s for sure.

How quickly things change, no? Cav was the biggest thing going last year – let’s hope he finds a team that can get behind him.

Posing with Panache

This is by far my favourite tweet sequence of the week. As most of you know, @Kiss_my_Panache likes his visuals. And he likes to laugh. Two things I admire in a person. Anyway, while I was in Paris for the end of the Tour, I picked up one of those all-singing, all-dancing musettes and distributed the contents accordingly. Panache got the musette itself, a scarfy thing (which we have found out is called a ‘neck gaiter’) and a sweat band. He promised pictures. Oh, did he deliver!

Rest assured, I will be sending Panache more random pieces of clothing to use as props and I will be posting those pictures up for you all to enjoy. Oh, and it is my screen saver now.

But I leave you with a Vaughters classic.

Till next week, tweeps.

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