Tour Tweets of the Week Extra: Bradley Wiggins, that question and the C-bomb

Once again, the Twittersphere was set spinning out of control when Bradley Wiggins was asked a question on Sunday about the perception of the cleanliness of his team and he rounded on the journalist with a few choice words. As with the Lance Armstrong Tweets special a few weeks ago, I’ve collected the pros, the cons, the funny and the serious comments on all aspects of this. This is not a column about whether Sky are doing anything nefarious – this is more about what you think about the following questions: do fans have a right to question performances? do riders have a responsibility to speak out against doping? was Wiggins’ rant justified? Here is what you all have to say about this! [BTW, if you are offended by the C-word, it only appears in full once, that’s on FatMan on a Bike’s recap of what BW said.]

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