Tour Tweets of the Week: Sex tapes, Lemonheads and the Velvet Samurai

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 1st July 2012.

Oh, it’s a bumper crop of tweets this week – in fact, I’ve only used about half of the ones I’ve been saving. This is going to be a fun July …

We’re all just a little overexcited

I think David Millar sums up the feeling of cycling fans everywhere with this tweet.

He may have been talking about the Tour de France, but many of the women out there could say the same about the fact that Ladies Favourite™ Bernie Eisel is now on Twitter. And Anita Franklin was speaking for a lot of those ladies when she offered him a tip for his ‘Breakfast with Bernie’ videos.

As we’re on the subject of lust (and in this column, when we talk about Bernie Eisel, that *is* the subject) Dave Zabriskie shared his race-y number with us.

And here’s the proof.

Staying on that theme – and with Jonathan Vaughters

Much like the man himself, @TweeterSagan has become mighty popular with cycling fans rather quickly! Here, we see a very happy Alexandre Vinokourov with some body-painted ladies.

Personally, I love Vino. Yeah, he’s got a dodgy past but the man has some guts and when he’s in full flow during a race, he’s really exciting to watch. But while he can animate a race, he is less than animated during interviews. This was the reaction on Saturday to an interview on Eurosport.

Finish line or bust

There were two subjects that had everyone tweeting on Sunday. The first was Peter Sagan and Fabian Cancellara‘s stage one duel to the line. Some fans were angry that Sagan sat on Spartacus’ wheel and then pipped him at the line. Others were angry that anyone would think it was anything other than good tactics. Some were even saying that Cancellara was whining – however, I think they were getting confused as to what his fans said and what he said. Sure, Cancellara was disappointed but I didn’t find anywhere in the press reports where he said anything against Sagan – he just said he played poker and he lost. Here ends the Cancellara defence. [Is that a chess opening or something? – Ed] Here’s a sample of the argument.

#tdf133 is a game where you have to write a Twitter limerick about the day’s stage – the best one (in the judge’s humble opinion) gets a prize. I thought these were particularly good for stage one – and they mention the second contentious issue of the day.

Lemonheaded riders in the Sky

This second contentious issue was the Yellow Helmets of Sky. People were outraged, enraged, confused and contemptuous. Oh, those lemonheads made people go crazy. If  you have been hiding under a rock for the last day or so, Sky, as the lead team in the standings, had to wear yellow helmets. This is a new rule this year and it took many by surprise. What is not a surprise is the rich and varied reactions to this Tour development.

Of course, all this talk about helmets was bound to take a turn into the gutter. And brought on by VeloVoices’ illustrious editor, no less! Tim, really … are you trying to take my job?

Lotto’s Odd Couple is back

Adam Hansen and Greg Henderson are in the Tour together, they’re rooming together and they’re sharing via Twitter. Happy days indeed!

We never found out why – or at least I couldn’t find the tweets that told us. But Greg Henderson likes to spread the love and he’s blowing some kisses to Argonaut Koen de Kort

I will however leave you with a football picture. Seriously, does the Lotto-Belisol hotel look like the place to be this Tour, or what?

There’s more where that came from next week, but until then, we have team photo albums and race pics on Facebook, live race tweets on Twitter every stage and, of course, all the stage previews and reviews right here on VeloVoices.

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