Introducing Panache

Panache in action

At VeloVoices we consider ourselves to be fans first and bloggers second. As such we’re committed to bringing you the kind of cycling coverage we ourselves would like to read: informative, opinionated and above all fun. The only thing that’s been lacking from the blog during these first six months of our existence has been a little panache.

No, we’re not doing ourselves down. We like to think we’ve got a bit of style [we can hear you heckling from here – Ed], but now we really do have some panache. The tweeter known as @Kiss_my_Panache, to be exact.

As he describes himself in his VeloVoices bio:

Panache is a mediocre masters racer but an unbelievably talented cycling fan. He doesn’t race like a pro, but he sure looks like one. He likes white saddles, white bar tape, shorter bibs and perfect sock height. It’s fair to say he has a man crush on Johnny Hoogerland, Jeremy Roy and Sylvain Chavanel. You can find Panache’s snarky, 140-character ramblings on Twitter @Kiss_my_Panache.

If you’re not following Panache on Twitter – and if not, why the hell not? – you’re missing out on some real gems. Some tweeters are funny. Others are passionate. Others are truly knowledgeable. It’s a rare person who is all three. Judge for yourself. Here’s a small sample of Panache’s inimitable, well, panache, 140 characters at a time.

On his time-trialling aspirations:

Twiddling his thumbs in the down-time between the Tour de Suisse and the Tour:

Not at all jealous of the waif-like Frank Schleck:

Still not jealous:

A pragmatic view on the USADA investigation into Lance Armstrong:

We like to think we’ve found ourselves a gem at VeloVoices. Panache is now officially a Voicer – it’s like being a Trekker, but without arming the photon torpedoes – and will be bringing his unique verbal and visual stylings to the blog as he muses on the world of cycling from both a fan’s and a competitor’s viewpoint. Welcome aboard, Panache!

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