Tweets of the Week: Hansen, Wiggo, Cav, Vaughters, Cance, Phinney, hurrah!

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 24th June 2012.

It’s a fan’s world

Hansen’s Giro secret

This is the way to deal with the pain when you’re going over mountains. Have a beer.

Looking to the Sky

I tend not to feature Bradley Wiggins in this column, for many reasons, two of them being he rarely tweets and they’re rarely funny, but I thought, okay, I’m going to find something. This is his tweet after he lost the British national jersey this weekend (he lost it because he didn’t race) and then a little repartee between him and Robbie McEwen.

While over in the green corner, Mark Cavendish goes all bike nerd (for a shoot for Gage+DeSoto) before visiting his Grandma!

Vaughters in the pink

So, this is what happens with the final day’s maglia rosa … lovely display!

But Jonathan Vaughters was on fire last week – fan engagement is the key to a good social media strategy! JV has the touch! Speaking of touch …

Needless to say, once he broadcast this little titbit, it all got rather dicey in the Twitterstream so I’ll leave it to you to find those for yourself! So let’s move on … He wasn’t giving any secrets away about his Tour de France team plan, although Jane Hargraft did give it a good try.

But when asked to predict a certain result …

Honestly, you can’t buy that kind of eloquence!

I tried, but I can’t help myself …

I have to put in some Cancellara.

Words of wisdom from Hollywood Phinney

God, I love this boy …

And that’s the super-quick trawl through the Twitterstream this week – next week we should have a bumper crop of fabulousness because, um, hey! the Tour de France will be on!!!! And we’ll be here, live-stage tweeting every day, race results, VeloVoices rider of the stage, pictures … all kinds of excitement! And Kitty and Sheree will be in Paris for the last weekend of the Tour so if you’re going, let us know! Till next week, when we’ll all be in yellow … [Speak for yourself – Ed.]

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