Introducing Peloton Primer

We’re introducing a new permanent section on the VeloVoices blog which we’re calling Peloton Primer.

Cycling is a wonderful sport, but one whose terminology and tactics can be bewildering even to experienced followers, let alone relative newbies. And while the sport’s most dedicated and knowledgeable fans can tell you from memory who won the queen stage of the Tour of Beijing or predict a team’s tactics before they have even been uttered by the directeur sportif in the team car, such people are relatively few in number – and far more expert than any of us at VeloVoices Towers would ever claim to be!

Peloton Primer is not targeted at those expert few, however. It is meant for ordinary fans like you and us, ranging from those who only tune in to watch the daily highlights of the Tour de France to those who regularly spend their afternoons looking for jerky, pixellated internet feeds or wondering when Eurosport will switch away from the tennis so we can watch live coverage of the Tour de Suisse.

Whether you are brand new to the world of cycling, or are just in need of a quick brush-up on the finer points of race strategy, Peloton Primer will hopefully contain useful nuggets for everyone.

We will be adding to this section leading up to and during the Tour de France, so if you have any suggestions for topics you would like to know more about please leave a comment or email us on and we will do what we can to oblige.

Peloton Primer can be accessed via the permanent links on the far right-hand side of the main menu at the top of the page.

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