Tweets of the Week: Phinney goes for gold, Henderson & Hansen take on Euro 2012 and The Jensie is appalled

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 17th June 2012.

Hollywood Phinney goes for gold

Oh we love that Hollywood Phinney here at VeloVoices Towers. I was very disappointed that he wasn’t going to be riding the Tour de France as I thought he was one of the riders who really gave the Giro some extra sparkle, but he’s just been confirmed for the US Olympic team so there’ll be Phinney in July. Here’s the cover of the Velo mag, courtesy of the editor, Neal Rogers. BTW, if you’re not following Neal, do it now. He’s great.

But let’s face it, Taylor Phinney would not be Taylor Phinney if he didn’t have a hashtag romance on the go. I wonder if he was a sailor in another life, you know, ‘girl in every port’. However, the hot topic was what his romance would be officially hashtagged.

The man himself seems to have opted for Dan Maize’s suggestion of #OlympicLoveStory. I’m also assuming that the Hermione in this tweet referred to the bird who was in Harry Potter, although to be honest, I have no idea why I think that.

So, it’s Hermione, Luna, and now Alabama Lola … I actually picked this one because I love tweets that have the word umlaut in them. Especially when professional cyclists use that word in their tweets. Just a strange bookworm thing …

Last but not least, here’s what the Boy Wonder has as his iPhone wallpaper. I think that’s a gauntlet throw-down if you ask me, Tony Martin.

Tasty treats

There were a few eyebrow-raising tweets around food and drink. This is how the Dutch rehydrate, apparently.

Equine lovers among you might want to scroll past this section because we’re about to talk about, um, horse meat. My Beloved™ Fabian Cancellara tried to hide this little bombshell in his tweet the other day. It didn’t work. People actually read his tweets and as they’re in Fabianese, one looks much closer at them than usual. He was rumbled.

I like to think this picture of what looks like a LOT of female reporters is them asking him if he really does eat horse meat and if he really is happy about it! ‘Awesome’ was his word.

I thought that TourDeJose was right and that there would be a Twitter frenzy. But you know what, there really wasn’t. Except for Maxime Montfort, who might be in trouble on the domestic front as Fabs gave the game away.

Right about here, I was going to put in Fabs’ tweet about being annoyed by a fly in the bus toilette during his ‘obligations’ but, no, I just can’t. I just … I mean, if he goes to the toilet that means he’s just a man. Just a man!!!! I refuse to believe that so I am going to move swiftly on, before I lose my religion.

Match of the Day! Hansen / Henderson and Euro 2012

A lot of time has passed since an Adam Hansen/Greg Henderson tweet conversation was reported here. This is possibly the only time in my life I will say Thank God for football. Here the Dynamic Duo consider the joys of Euro 2012.

What you might not have realised is, this Twitter conversation happened even though they were actually in the same room.

It ain’t the Partridge Family bus, apparently

Poor Adam … this is what the guy has to put up with on the team bus.

Do not mess with Jens

Before the whole USADA Lance Armstrong / Johan Bruyneel sh*tstorm, Bruyneel had announced that any rider who didn’t ride the Giro, the Dauphine or the Tour de Suisse would not be considered for the RadioShack Tour de France team. Which meant that Chris Horner – one of the more successful of the RadioShack riders this season – would not be considered. Consternation from a lot of people, but not from one Andreas Kloden.*Boom* – a shot across the Horner bows …

So what happened next was one of those people who pretend they’re Jens Voigt tweeted something untoward about Chris Horner (couldn’t find the tweet – actually, couldn’t be that bothered to look). This was picked up by a cycling programme and read out on air, saying it was from Jens. Thejensie got wind of this and reached out to his tweeties.

We never thought that of you, Jens. This is the explanation:

I think I’m all tweeted out now so I’ll leave you with this from Velocentric.

Quite right. Although just a few minutes ago, I noticed that RadioShack have released the names of the guys on the Tour team. Horner is on it. As is Kloden. As is Jens. Wonder who’s rooming with who!

Till next week tweeties.

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