Tweets of the Week Extra: Lance Armstrong

Last week’s bombshell looked, at the start of the week, to be the announcement that Andy Schleck would not be racing the Tour de France this year, due to injuries sustained in the Dauphiné. Compared to what happened later in the week, I think we can safely say the Schleck news was pretty low-key. This is because the big bombshell of the week was, of course, the announcement that the USADA was charging Lance Armstrong and five other individuals with doping violations in a time span stretching from 1998 to 2010.

The thing that, for me, is most intriguing about this whole subject is what a polarising figure Lance Armstrong is. It seems you either love him, believe he is clean and this is all an evil vendetta or you hate him, believe he doped throughout his career and this is justice finally being served. And God forbid you get on the wrong side of either of these two camps. So I thought I would just pick out some of the tweets around the case – both pros and cons, fans and foes – and put them together to show how it’s playing out on the Twitterstream. I haven’t really put these in any kind of order and there’s no way to be ‘completist’ with this list – there are just too many strands of conversation. Therefore, this is just the tip of the iceberg and is merely to show the polarity of the debate.

(NB: Philippe Maertens is the press officer for RadioShack-Nissan)

Out of all this, one thing is for sure. This is going to run and run and run.

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