Tweets of the Week: Fashion plates, #KingForTheTour and a Voigt slapdown

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 10th June 2012.

Sartorial treats

Pensive picture of the week: George Hincapie contemplating his retirement and Cadel Evans wondering how the hell to stop that pesky Sky train! While striking catalogue poses! Multi-taskers, these guys.

But that’s not the only fashion shot we’ve had this week. One has to wonder what Taylor Phinney was up to in this picture. Perhaps auditioning for a part in Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Yep, Hollywood Phinney is a superstar, even incognito…

Seems like it’s the ‘put something strange on your head’ week in the pro peloton because My Beloved™ Fabian Cancellara is training on his TT bike while wearing Ben Spies’ motoGP helmet.

Here’s a picture of My Beloved without the helmet. That’s better – let’s see your face, Fabs.

#KingForTheTour Campaign Week 2

Ted King is riding the Tour de Suisse this week, in support of SuperSagan. Last week, there was a Twitter campaign to get Ted on the Liquigas Tour de France team. We hope it works, we like Ted King. We like him a lot. We like him because he’s cheeky. We like him because he’s a chappy.

Voigt Wiggins slapdown (but not really)

Well, favourite tweeter Jens Voigt was active last week and he unwittingly became the cause of a bit of a domestic between me and Kiss_My_Panache. Usually Panache and I are in total agreement, until Jens started tweeting about the ‘meaning’ of winning the Dauphine.

Panache asked how Jens could be so dismissive about Bradley Wiggins. I didn’t read his tweets as dismissive, just opinion. I was in a minority (as usual). The phrases ‘Your dinner is in the dog’ and ‘I’m sleeping on the sofa tonight’ were bandied about and the ultimate hashtag flounce #HoneymoonIsOVER. (Just for the record, most of these phrases were from me, Panache acted the perfect gentlemen.) But enough about the Kitty&Panache Show, seems everybody and their dog yipped at Jens. This was his reply.

As for me and Panache, ‘if Jens concedes, I concede’, I say, and we’re happy again. I’m sure everyone is sighing with relief!

But more about Jens. His son is playing lacrosse. From this tweet, looks like it’s a game for Jens. Either that, or the love of inflicting pain through sporting pursuits runs in the Voigt family.

I actually used the phrase ‘no blood – no foul’ the other day in a meeting at work. Because, you know, no one was bleeding at the end of it. But Jensie is also a heavy metal fan, as we’ve found out in his many tweets about Metallica, among others. Here he’s praising Primal Fear – I thought the lyric was funny – and I could actually hear Jens say that!

But let’s move from the dark world of Armageddon and blood sports and end on what is a great Twitter exchange this week. Anyone else have a Jens Voigt Moment™? Send them in – we might just have enough for a little blog post!

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