Tweets of the Week: The end of an epic Giro

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 27th May 2012.

All hail the heroic Ryder

Where do I start? What the hell, let’s start at the finish and work our way back. Graham Watson has been bringing us some great pics all through the Giro and this is his take on the trophy presentation.

But winning the Giro is a team effort – as Jonathan Vaughters said about Christian Vande Velde

The Twitterstream was bubbling over with responses to Ryder’s victory but I liked these two best.

Stage 21

Before the TT: Mark Cavendish looks very Italian in his retro cap and rainbow jersey. But HEY, look who’s next to him. Ladies’ favourite, Bernie Eisel!

The tension mounts … it was going to be an epic finish to an epic race.

But first, one must stock up on the most delicious sweets ever made. (Although apparently Haribo makes Kitty very aggressive and I have been banned from eating it with other people around.)

Stage 20

After the Stelvio – Melissa German gives us food for thought, while Ivan Basso accepts defeat gracefully and elegantly, not unlike his riding style. Hollywood Phinney on the other hand is still as enthusiastic as his first Giro weekend. Gotta love the guy!

Eating potatoes? I’ve pictured him eating Jersey Royals for some reason. But the helicopter arrives – and look at that view!

Meanwhile, a certain returning Tour champion was watching the race – and thinking he was missing out!

Ohhh, Hollywood has got himself some new sunnies. Seriously, what I wouldn’t give for teeth as nice as his. Better for biting into the forbidden Haribo!

Stage 19

It was stage 19 when it all started to come together for Ryder – and come apart for the others.

Kind of a shame that David Millar couldn’t be at the Giro this year.

Sometimes it’s just plain frightening

The lovely Marco Pinotti and Hollywood Phinney both had a couple of descents during the Giro that really tightened them up. While Taylor’s response was the exuberance of youth, Marco’s was really quite poignant. It made me want to hug Marco. We love him.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Fabian was BACK

As lovely as Marco is, there is no one above Fabian. My Beloved Cancellara started racing again after his two months of convalescence. Not in the Giro of course, but in Bayern-Rundfarht. I see he got the giant heart cookie I sent him. Made it myself. There’s more baked goods where that came from, Fabu!

There’s something heroic about scars. But you know what, I kind of thought it would be much more, I don’t know, like a scar a pirate would have! Something that looked like it had been stitched up – maybe a little jagged. But modern medicine keeps the incisions neat and tidy – very Swiss.

Seems that our hero has learned something from his crash.

But seriously, whatever are we going to do now?

I always feel, after a Grand Tour ends, that it’s like a great, fun, passionate holiday romance that had to end because you have to go home, back to the real world. So, although there’s still a lot of racing to be had this week – Tour of Luxembourg, Dauphine – I still feel sad having to wave goodbye to my Italian fling. I think Velocentric and Jered Gruber know what I mean.

What ARE we going to do now? Me, I’m going to be counting down for the Tour …

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