Tweets of the Week: Lipstick, road rash and Farnese glow

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 13th May 2012.

Lipstick on your collar

It’s been an eventful week in the Giro – let’s start out with Hollywood Phinney. Not only is he coming into his own as a rider, but he tweets like a pro as well. But let’s see him in the pink – I’m fairly sure that podium girl makes sure she gets a perfect kiss imprint on the maglia rosa‘s face.

But then, crash, boom, spokes a go-go.

Sorry, Sheree, I know you sent Taylor a reply to this next tweet informing him that this was far too much information but I had to include it! This is the real life of a professional cyclist.

Taking out the Missile

But as you all know, it wasn’t just Taylor who went down in that crash, but also a certain Manx Missile. Warning: ‘adult’ language …

Okay, next is the weirdest exchange ever on Twitter. Mark Cavendish, World Champion, Green Jersey winner, cycling superstar, is getting sympathy from Lord Sugar. Seriously, it can’t really be him, can it? And talking about his own crashes? Well, it’s a verified account. [It is indeed Alan Sugar. He’s almost as smug and annoying on Twitter as he is on The Apprentice – Ed.]

For the life of me, I cannot picture of Lord Sugar on a bike. The mind boggles.

However, there was one world-famous sprinter who was thinking that Cav was a bit of a wuss with his restrained tweet re Ferrari:

Maybe it was revenge for Cav cycling past him a few years ago, using only one leg.

Farnese glow

On a lighter note, or should I say a highlighter note, we have a few tweets about the new dayglo kit of Farnese Vini.

I’m inclined to prefer the Stabilo tweet – they have the black trimmings.

When bad things happen to good people

But Phinney and Cav weren’t the only ones to encounter some serious misfortune this week. VeloVoices’ favourite photography couple, Jered and Ashley Gruber, posted these:

Anyone who has seen any of their photographs will know what a blow this is – not just to them but to all of us who love their work. But these two are resilient – they’re already back shooting at the Giro, thanks to …

If anyone sees the Grubers during the Giro, give them some love. They’re great people.

On that note, onwards and upwards for us as well, into the second week of the Giro. Here’s what Cavendish has to say about the stages to come:

He might be, um, apprehensive about the rest of the Giro, but we’re not! Bring it on! Stay tuned to all our channels this week as we’ll be tweeting and facebooking and blogging up a Giro and California storm! Ciao for now, dudes!

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