Tweets of the Week: Kort shoes, Freudian slips, and Keisse craziness

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 29th April 2012.

I’m going to warn you – this week’s tweets contain mild profanity and various references to men’s, um, ‘equipment’. Before I get into the guts (or should I say nether regions?) of this post, however, I’m going to start off with a lovely picture posted by the equally lovely Daniele Bennati. Kind of arty, kind of cool, we like it.

From foot to head …

There are often entire strings of conversation around cyclists’ socks – the black socks of Bradley Wiggins (possible Mod statement, I guess) or Tom Boonen‘s socks during the Classics, which seemed to rile some people up (had something to do with the length of them but I couldn’t be bothered to investigate why). Apropos of nothing, it seems, however, GreenEDGE&Ham’s Christian Meier thinks the fact that he put on new socks is worthy of a tweet.

There is also a lot of talk about shoes – just the other day, there was a whole string of conversation between fans regarding who in Sky wears the sky blue cycling overshoes (possibly to hide bad socks?). Personally I prefer overshoes to socks – just nice and streamlined. But when cyclists wear regular trainers with their kit, well, that really stirs up some talk! Cheeky Argonaut Koen de Kort starts us off with this picture of the Dutch Olympic kit …

Obviously the poor guy didn’t realise that Twitter users are eagle-eyed! Let this be a warning to cyclists everywhere …

Lotto’s Adam Hansen took a godawful spill last week, nothing broken but some possible ligament damage to his shoulder, but it was his helmet that saved the day. His teammates Greg Henderson and Andre Greipel, are giving him much-needed love, of course:

And the ‘bits’ in between

Oh, Twitter is a fickle mistress – the key to winning her love is by paying attention to what you tweet and also remembering that, in most people’s timelines, the second of a two-part tweet will come up first as they scroll down. So this is the first tweet I read the other day by RadioShack’s George Bennett.

I never really expected that level of candour from an athlete – or was it just the lack of an ‘a’?

This is what his first tweet said …

Oh, OKAY, we get it now … but I’m afraid George might never be able to live this down.

Sorry,you didn’t delete it quick enough – I already did a screen shot. However, considering the first Twitter cock-up (see what I did there?), should you really be talking about dropping balls, George?

Speaking of, um, well, just read on:

Talking Turkey

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but Saturday’s stage in the Tour of Turkey was one of the best to tweet EVER. Everyone involved went crazy, including me. Here’s how it unfolded:

And what did the man of the hour Iljo Keisse have to say about the win?

Well said. Till next week, tweeties!

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