Tweets of the Week: Tiny tots, Argonauts and Jens is BACK!

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 1st April 2012.

Da do Ronde Ronde Ronde da do Ronde Ronde

Is this how many Rondes this little fan thinks Tommeke can win?

Iljo Keisse caught his teammate on TV, mesmerising a tiny fan … I know, honey, sometimes I want to lick the screen when he’s on too …

But it’s not all cute kids who love the Ronde. Superheroes and fairy-tale characters do too, by the look of it. (Apparently these guys support BMC. In front of a Liquigas bus. How could you tell?) Is that purple thing in the background supposed to be a Teletubby?

Yes, it was all Flanders, all the time last week. And we even have a picture of the King of Belgium opening the race.

Hang on, who is that? The King of Belgium? That’s not the King of Belgium. THIS is the King of Belgium …

But my favourite Flanders tweet was from Ted King. Simple. Charming. To the point.

Head-banging and car-pulling … Jensie is BACK!

And he’s been gone too long! What I love about the way Jens Voigt tweets is he tells a story in about 30 tweets right in a row. And then another story … So it’s like a little play, right there in your twitterstream. This week, he tells us his dark rock secret …

Looks like he had a touch of the Fabianese in that last tweet but that’s okay … I’m sure Fab doesn’t mind sharing. Then Jens tells us about his car blowing up.

He put his daughters in a taxi and called a tow truck.

And he waited … and he waited … and he waited. While tweeting about the fact that only two people stopped but couldn’t help. Time was a tickin’, Jens had places to be … where the hell was the tow truck? And then he had an idea …

Love it – “I mean I am Jens Voigt” … That you are, sir, and we’re happy to have you back, singing like a little songbird on Twitter.

Sartorial statements

Or should I say Fashion Questions … okay, what the hell is Ivan Basso wearing? It’s like Spiderman but not, he is on some sort of stealth mission or … or what? Hey, did he get separated from those fans we saw earlier in front of the Liquigas bus?! Mystery solved …

If Basso was some sort of parallel-universe Spiderman, then here are the Argonauts …

“Shield your eyes, Mother, these boys are showing out!” Yes, um, leaves little to the imagination, these shorts. I must say, however, the kit looked good during Ronde. What it’ll look like when it’s raining, well, that would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘riding immodestly’. (Doing the rain dance now …)

Is the truce over? Is the Hansen/Henderson Twitter war about to resume?

Fingers crossed! We’ve been missing Adam Hansen – as have a few others, including Mr Henderson.

UCI Overlord was concerned as well, and got this intriguing reply from Mr Hansen:

I think that’s the Twitter equivalent of “I’ve been out stocking up on supplies for my homemade bunker because I’ll need them when all hell breaks loose.” I reckon his little bunker would be full of power bars and energy gels … and maybe some cookies. I reckon he can be sneaky when he puts his mind to it …

But I must end on some Henderson words of wisdom – possibly for Hansen! My vow to ask myself “What would Greg Henderson do?” when something pisses me off is turning out quite nicely. I still haven’t been punched yet! But these are words that will live on, long after my experiment is over …

Yes sir! Until next week …

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