Tweets of the Week: Tummy troubles, push-ups and French fries

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 11th March 2012.

Bugs, bones and bronchitis

It seems only appropriate to talk about food, considering that gastroenteritis went through the Paris-Nice peloton in the early part of last week. Just goes to show even in these days of team chefs and nutritionists, power bars and protein shakes, the bugs still get in. But what did the Greatest Rider of All Time™, Eddy Merckx, eat when he was winning every race he looked at? GreenEDGE&Ham’s Stuart O’Grady found out and Race Radio shared it with us:

But stomach bugs weren’t the only things thinning the peloton out. Sky’s Alex Dowsett crashed out on the cobbles at the beginning of the week and ended up in hospital with a broken elbow. After he drove to London from Belgium …

But one has to wonder which ward he was in during his recovery if shenanigans like these were happening:

But leave it to one of my favourites, Adam Hansen, to miss out on the gastroenteritis and crashes to be felled by bronchitis.

My biggest concern this week was – what is Greg Henderson going to do now that his friend/nemesis has left him?

I fear for Billie Boy …

Telling a few porkie pies, Alejandro?

Hmmmm, that Valverde – and not in a good way. This week we had some questioning around the claims made regarding his exercise regime during his doping ban. BMC’s Taylor Phinney starts us off and his teammate (and my uber-crush) Manuel Quinziato and Greg Henderson throw a few theories in as well …

Then Greg decided to go straight to the source …

So far, Senor Valverde has maintained a dignified(?) silence. Personally, I’d heard that it was 1,000 crunches a day. Either way, there’s only two explanations: Valverde either played it fast and loose with the truth or he never had time for anything else. Which begs the question, how did he find time to get all those new hair plugs? [MeeeeOW! Kitty’s got her claws out! – Ed.]

You’re frite-ing kidding me …

The end of the stage, a hard slog over mountains, trying not to run into the back of police motorcycles … as they cross the finish line, what do cyclists think? “My legs! My legs!”, “Why can’t I be as classy and beautiful as Fabian Cancellara?” [oh God, here we go again with the restraining order – Ed] or “I really need a good massage”? No. They think of french fries.

And that’s your lot, tweeties, don’t forget to tip the waitress on your way out. VeloVoices is ramping up for Milan San-Remo and then all the cobbles all the time in April, so keep in touch!

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  1. Sheree says:

    I know how Alejandro found time to get the hair plugs – moved in with the technician! However, he hasn’t a hope in hell. I’ve met his Dad and older brother – bald as coots.

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