Tweets of the Week: Fabu-lousness, exotic dancers and Ballanese

Funny, cruel, odd, personal … you get it all on Twitter. Each week, we’ll have a rundown of some of our favourite tweets. Here are the tweets for the week ending 4th March 2012.

Ciao bello!

You didn’t really think this column was going to be anything other than Cancellara-rich, did you? Saturday’s solo attack and win at Strade Bianche has this kitty ecstatic that Spartacus is on form and ready to take the Classics. So I’ve found some interesting little tweets regarding His Fabu-lousness. First up, @TourDeJose put up this picture of a very fresh-faced Fabian, winning one of his many TT rainbow jerseys – this one as a junior. Cuter than a cute thing from Cute Town or what?

But enough of the nostalgia, what happened last week? Well, seems our intrepid hero was frightened he might not even make it to the race. He also showed himself to be the master of understatement by hashtagging this #notsonice. Seriously, this guy is a superstar of the sport and they make him take taxis like THIS! Roger Federer would never stand for that!

But he made it to the race safely and he had this to say after his audacious win.

I really liked his hashtag on this … well, I like his hashtag full stop but that’s pretty obvious.

My love for Cancellara, however, could not blind me to the fact that there were naysayers when I, Kitty Fondue, predicted that Spartacus would take the day. I felt, perhaps, a whiff of mockery to my Twitter post.

In fact, I have a bet going with a certain @RobFarrington … I predict that Cancellara will win Tour of Flanders, Rob predicts not. As we’re pretty big spenders, the forfeit is a bag of Haribo Sours. Rob was talking pretty big and bad a few weeks ago but this is what he posted on Saturday night.

But enough about me and my quest for ill-gotten sweets, back to Fabian. It seems that even riding on dusty roads for over four hours with a helmet on his head can’t dull his radiant good looks. I believe that @UCI_Overlord said it best: But it wasn’t all Fabian last week. We are still in the midst of …

The Hansen/Henderson Twitter War

It’s brutal now. There have been a series of short films – auteur works if you will – and twitpics that have been posted up by either Adam Hansen or Greg Henderson and then immediately taken down by, I suspect, their team management or the Committee for Public Decency. But the descriptions stay – this little exchange was in reference to a ‘dancing’ video that @HansenAdam posted up the other day that caught @saddleblaze and UCI_Overlord’s attention.

I must say, I’m glad I didn’t see it before it was deleted … there are just some things a girl doesn’t want to remember. I shudder to think what this week holds on the front lines of this war.

Speaking in tongues

Every day, it seems, there’s a report in the news of languages that are dying out – regional or local dialects that have fallen by the wayside when the last speaker has died. But they don’t seem to ever note the new languages that are coming out of the professional peloton. Of course, we have Fabianese which is taking the world by storm, but Cadel Evans and @steephill have alerted us to another on the horizon.

In the VeloVoices library

It seems my time is up for the week, but I leave with you a few choice examples from @AntBeal and @JohnCyclopunk last week’s whimsical #bikebooks game.

Yes, Mr Beal, I have found Love in the Time of Cancellara. Happy reading, folks! Till next week…

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