Early season Spanish races review

In the same way we’ve recently reviewed results in the early French and Italian races on the European circuit, we also need to wrap up the Spanish ones ahead of their first World Tour event, the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya from 20th to 24th March.

The picture’s somewhat similar: races reduced in length either thanks to adverse weather or the adverse financial climate, or both. Again, the races threw up a few surprises, a few new faces and names to conjure with. But in essence, these are races to showcase emerging talent and for second and third division sides to angle for further race invites. Continue reading

Get behind the barricades, or on the roads, or both!

Image courtesy of Treklens

Thanks to my location on the French Riviera [sounds glamorous – Ed], I’m going to be watching as many live races as my commitments and the racing calendar permit. As a consequence, many of you might start to feel just a tiny, weeny bit envious. I can understand that. I live in a fabulous part of the world where I can rub shoulders regularly with the cycling elite and even ride with them, providing I can catch them!

But you can too, more easily than you might think! Let me explain.

Continue reading